NFL on FOX and NFL Network analyst

“Look at the free-agent singings. Go to Denver, get a defensive lineman. Go to the Giants, get a corner. How about the draft? You end up with Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey – arguably two of the top three players in the entire draft. For weird reasons they end up getting them, but they do. They’ve got them now. Add that to the different things they’ve been doing, here you go. It’s all set there. Bortles continues to elevate. They’ve got to show that they’re going to compete in the AFC South – and the AFC South was the worst division in football last year. But based on the offseason, it’s now one of the most intriguing divisions in football. I’m not going to say best; I said intriguing.”
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USA Today MLB columnist and MLB Network insider

“The Giants have been after him for a while. There’s a natural fit there. Even though they need more pitching, they’re still in love with Bruce. I like the Giants’ chances a little bit more than the Mets.”
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Former Tennessee coach

“Most of the time, if they’re the right kind of people, they’re going to get better. This is something across our country – not just at Tennessee, but across our country – that is a much bigger issue and needs to be addressed and has to stay at the forefront. That’s up to the presidents, athletic directors, head coaches and administrators of all sports to make sure that it is at the forefront of training and education processes, staying out of circumstances where you’re going to get yourself in trouble. I think generally people do a pretty good job with that around the country. We’ve harped on it and worked on it a lot, but you still have things that pop up from time to time unfortunately. The kids – male and female – have got to be mature about how they handle themselves. If they’re going to get themselves in issues, they probably need to be somewhere else besides college athletics.”
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MIKE HAYNES – 8/3/16

“I think it’s really, really important, and it adds a lot to a community. So I’m sure football fans are glad just to have football there, but I’m really glad for a different reason. I’d just like to see the city to continue to grow and come together as a city. I think a sports club like a football team can actually do that.”
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Sports Illustrated and MLB Network analyst

“I like this team. I’ve liked them from spring training. They were my pick to win it all this year. I think now you look at the bullpen they have with (Jeremy) Jeffress – they probably have the hardest-throwing bullpen in all of baseball. If you throw under 96 miles per hour, I guess you’re not allowed in the bullpen in Texas.”
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ALEX WOLFF – 8/4/16
Sports Illustrated writer

“Everybody said it would be bad up through the Opening Ceremony and then maybe once the Games begin a lot of Rio natives will vacate and it should get better. But this city just is not made for mass transport. It hasn’t been a nightmare, but it isn’t easy. I think the mood here, though, is a pretty upbeat one. There’s something reassuring about the Brazilians. Maybe this is because the last Olympics was at Sochi and everybody had a scowl on their face. So if the Games are to be redeemed, I think the spirit of the Brazilian people are going to have something to do with it.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“I think the commitment of the school that they spend recruiting players, even the graduated players, I think it tilts competition a little bit. I get all the rules (about how) coaches can transfer and all that, but there’s a commitment to your teammates. I don’t know if it’s really that I even enjoy the fifth-year transfer, where a guy immediately goes from one school to anther and starts playing football.”
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Former Packers head coach

“I think that’s why the fans embraced him so much. He’s very candid about himself and his life and what he was doing. He’s kind of like an open book. His family, himself, his career was there for the taking for anybody that wanted to pay attention. I think the fans pretty much embraced the transparency of Brett Favre. People knew just about everything there was, and when you’re living in a fish bowl like Green Bay, it was pretty easy for people to become part of your life.”
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DARA TORRES – 8/5/16
Former U.S. swimmer

“I think the fact that the whole U.S. contingency nominated him to be the flag-bearer speaks a lot about everything he’s been through and where he is now. I think that he’s in a different stage of his life with his fiancee and his child coming to watch him swim. I think it’s a whole different Games for him and I think he can appreciate it much more. I know I did my first Games compared to my fifth Games.”
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