USA Today sportswriter and broadcaster

“It’s different to be in a city at an Olympic time than it would be at any other time. The Olympics tends to kind of take everything over and it’s pretty much all-consuming. It has been good. Everyone spoke about the Zika virus beforehand and fears of mosquito bites and so on. I haven’t seen one mosquito the whole time. I think what we have said all along (is true). The fact that there’s slightly cooler temperatures during winter time, you don’t see so many mosquitoes this time a year.”
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WFAN Yankees reporter

“Most other players you could do that with. Even some of the stars if you’ve been around them long enough, you could have those conversations. I covered Derek Jeter for 14 years and Mariano Rivers for 13. I was able to have those conversations with them. Alex was a little bit tougher. He knew things about you, but I guess they were just awkward conversations sometimes. He would make mention of the fact that he saw me on MLB Network and he liked watching that show. Or he would make mention (of) when he saw something from Penn State, (which is where I went to college). He asked everybody where they went to college, and he always knew that.”
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U.S. Olympic wrestler

“I’ve wrestled (Qian Zhou of) China as my best match the last two years and because I’ve beaten her the last three times we wrestled, they decided to put a different Chinese girl in (Zhang Fengliu). The Chinese tend to want to beat the U.S. in gold medals more than they just want to medal, so they would have been guaranteed a medal to put that other girl in, but they took a chance on a new girl. I’m excited for the challenge. This girl did beat me in 2013, but it’s been a long time. She’s been not on the main scene, so I’m looking forward to wrestling her and just making sure she understands she’s No. 2.”
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Former U.S. soccer player

“I had an opportunity recently to sit down with Jurgen after many years, and time heals some wounds and gives you the opportunity to try to see the other (side). For me, it was very black and white. (I always thought), ‘He was wrong. He didn’t know what he was doing.’ I sat down and talked with him for a couple hours, and afterwards I said, ‘Oh, well I didn’t really see his perspective.’ He laid it out for me why he made the decision and why he decided to do certain things. And then you can say, ‘Well, I still don’t agree with it, but at least I see his side of it and I can understand it better.’ I think having an open mind is really important.”
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Senior acupuncturist at the YinOva center

“For most people, we might do it every week or every other week. For what they’re doing down there, they’re not doing it over the same areas every time. It depends on where they’re hurting.”
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MATT RHULE – 8/10/16
Temple head coach

“I think even going into the game, some people (didn’t take us seriously). I think when people saw the way we played, they saw how physical our kids were, how competitive, how much passion they played with – I certainly hope that it told everybody, ‘Hey, this is a football team, this is a football program, that we can get behind and we can enjoy to watch and will hopefully be good for years to come.’”
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Penn State head coach

“We do not feel that whatsoever. We don’t focus on those things whatsoever. When I took the job, everybody realized the first two years – being at 65 scholarships and 75 scholarships – (would be a challenge). This is our first year back to a level playing field with everybody else in the country. So all those things were discussed three years ago when I took the job. So no, that’s college football. There’s high expectations at Penn State. We embrace it. But no, not whatsoever.”
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CBS Sports Network NFL analyst

“Obviously if it was Aaron Donald who did the same offense, he would not have cut him, but he would have had some significant type of ramifications. But if you’re a guy who’s on the practice squad, who’s a roster bubble type of guy, you can’t break those type of rules. For him to cut a guy on the spot like that, it definitely sends a message that, ‘Hey, we’re not going to tolerate anybody not following our rules.’ For Jeff Fisher, he knows he’s on the hot seat, being 7-9, 8-8 ever since he’s been in St. Louis. Now going to L.A., they have to make strides and win nine, 10, 11 ball games in order for him to keep his job. So it definitely will resonate.”
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Actor, Comedian

“The more you do it, the better you get and you understand the science of it. I’m saying this joke in front of these people and it has this kind of energy. It’s like doing a fadeaway jump shot: same mechanics as a jump shot, but things change. The audience changes. That’s the X-factor every night. You just got to be on your toes and switch it up.”
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DENNIS DODD – 8/12/16
CBS Sports college football columnist

“Michigan is going to be very good this year. I don’t know if they’ll win the Big Ten. Some people think they’ll be in the College Football Playoff. But I wrote that a couple weeks ago at Big Ten Media Days: After you get past the cartoon that is Jim Harbaugh – and he’s very entertaining, he’s very smart, a very good coach – sooner or later, he’s going to have to beat Michigan State and Ohio State. And he went 0-2 against them last year.”
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