USA Today sportswriter and broadcaster

“It’s a superb experience, and Bolt has more charisma than any other athlete that I’ve ever covered and ever experienced. I think he’s a true gem of this generation. I don’t think there’s another sportsman like him in any field or any sport that we love watching. It’s a special thing. I saw his three golds in Beijing in 2008, I saw two of the three in 2012, and I cherish it. I feel that it’s one of those moments that I’ll look back on in 30 years time and be so, so glad that I was there – and not just got to watch him, but got to write about him.”
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Tech guru and Emmy-winning TV personality

”So it’s been an amazing experience. One of my little BFFs – I’m kind of like a big sister to a lot of the kids – actually passed away, so we have a foundation for him. It’s very bittersweet. So all of these gadgets that I picked out, some of my favorite technology companies, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Batcole Foundation and supports 100 percent pediatric cancer research. So (I’m) very excited for that.”
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Olympic host

“My producer, Rafael Terpins, is really involved with the hip-hop scene. After reading this script together, we realized that I should (try) singing (to the audience). Man, I really tried to get the rap thing together because the first idea was to rap the housekeeping (rules). After listening to Jay-Z for two weeks, I gave up the rap option. We wanted a song to engage the crowd, a clapping track. That’s how Queen song came up to us.”
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MIKE MORSE – 8/17/16
Former MLB outfielder

“You don’t hear about that stuff that much anymore. It’s a different era. If you look at how the game is and how it’s evolved, guys are throwing over 95 and you got a lot of young kids with good bats. It’s almost like if you were playing in the early 2000s, your time’s almost up. It’s almost like you’re getting flushed out. You’re getting a new wave of players in and a wave of prospects and that’s how the game goes. I think this wave knows from the last wave what can happen if you do mess around and do something bone-headed like that.”
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PHIL SAVAGE – 8/18/16
Former NFL GM

“If the organization and ownership is truly behind him in terms of saying, ‘We’re locking in on this language and we’re with you,’ if Bosa doesn’t show up – or when Bosa does show up and doesn’t play well – the ownership group has to understand that. They can’t really fault Telesco. From my standpoint personally, as a GM, I would say, ‘Look, let’s get this done because we need this player on our team.’ I’m not sure that I would believe that ownership is with me – because if this guy doesn’t play well and it’s my draft choice, then I’m going to be the one out the door in three years if it doesn’t work.”
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JONAH KERI – 8/18/16
CBS Sports senior baseball writer

“He looked really good at the start of his career and ended up spending much of this season in the minors, as one example. It happens. Is that on Collins? Not really. Collins’ reputation is the guy who’s a very likable person in the clubhouse and otherwise and pushes buttons just as well as anybody else in terms of who do I use in the eighth inning. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.”
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Super Bowl champion QB

“We live in a  different age today. There were things that Paul Tagliabue and Pete Rozelle did from a discipline standpoint that people never knew about because you didn’t have access to so much information like people do today. I think Roger has led the National Football League to places where you never dreamed it would go from an economic standpoint and the safety of the players.”
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USA Today writer

“But if a high-profile swimmer comes out and makes something up, like it very much seems has been the case now, then it’s a huge embarrassment. It’s an embarrassment for Brazil and you can see why they’re pissed off about it. I think it’s a shame. I think it’s a shame that the back end of this Olympic Games, the main narrative, has been the actions of these idiots rather than the incredible achievements of the athletes on the track or in the pool or wherever else.”
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