JIM FURYK – 8/22/16
PGA golfer

“But I think when we get in that team room and whether I’m playing, whether I’m an assistant, I think the guys that have been through that with me – through the Ryder Cups, through the Presidents Cups – know that I’m dependable. I’m a guy that they want on their side. I really value their opinion more than anything else.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 8/22/16
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“It’s a shame. It’s amazing they didn’t say anything about the identity theft when Pete Carroll had him. He didn’t play out there, either. It’s a shame because, really, he’s a pretty good kid, but there’s a lot of people around him that gave him a lot of bad advice. You try to treat everybody right. You can’t play everybody. I know quarterbacks want to play yesterday. I understand that. But now to go start talking about identity theft and what I did? Come on.”
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WILL BRINSON – 8/23/16
CBSSports.com senior NFL writer

“These owners are ready. They’re all billionaires. They don’t care about missing paychecks. They don’t care about potentially missing a week’s worth of NFL games. But the players are in a different situation. If you’re a player and you miss that Week 1 game check because the whole league is sitting out, it might drastically alter whether you can pay your bills or not. That’s not going to happen with Jerry Jones or even the quote-unquote poorest owner. So I think the players union understands that they have to get ahead of this now, and even then it’s hard because of the haves and the have-nots in terms of the way that the NFL salary structure works.”
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BRYAN HARSIN – 8/23/16
Boise State head coach

“We talk about (that) quite a bit. One, we all push ourselves, and I think the mentality of the coaching staff we have – we’re always trying to find a way to get better. I think we’ve got a lot of guys who are low-ego, high-output guys. Every day, if there’s something we can do better, we’re going to try to find a way to implement that into how we teach.”
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BUTCH JONES – 8/24/16
Tennessee football head coach

“We needed a perfect score of 1,000 on our APR and we were able to do that. Our academics, we all work hand-in-hand. I think it’s one of the great success stories in all of college football and all of athletics how far this football program and athletic department has come in such a short period of time.”
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DANTE HALL – 8/24/16
Former Pro Bowl returner

“I think there’s been more returns this preseason than there has been since 2011, when the new collective bargaining came in and they tried to start focusing on concussions. So yeah, I think it’s asinine to even think you can eliminate concussions by taking out certain parts of the game – traditional parts of the game, at that.”
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DR. TERRY BARR – 8/25/16
English professor

“That’s mainly because they either don’t come to class when they should or don’t turn in the work. I can’t imagine why. We ask for reflection essays. They’re writing a confessional in two weeks and that confessional is how deeply religious or not they are with their SEC football. So it’s really a lot of fun, but the idea is to also get them to reflect further about why they like what they like, why they’re passionate about what they’re passionate about, why they care, and have they been born into a family of football devotees, or have they chosen (it)? Kind of like (a) religion.”
Entire Story

KIRK FERENTZ – 8/26/16
Iowa head football coach

“They held each other accountable and they cared about each other pretty deeply. We weren’t the most talented team out there, but our team played really well. Pretty much 13 out of our 14 ball games, they prepared well and competed. If you do that, you give yourself a chance to have success.”
Entire Story


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