Former Pro Bowl safety

“They went into the season coming off a division championship (and) probably should have won the playoff game. If you bring in Bradford and he’s at least as good as Bridgewater – some people contend that he’ll be perhaps even a step up – then you’re in a (good) position. You reunite the old Oklahoma teammates, so there’s some continuity at least from a knowing-each-other perspective with him and (Adrian) Peterson. So I think there’s some positives to it. Now the pressure is on Bradford to acclimate himself within the locker room.”
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Former Panthers offensive lineman

“There’s a rivalry. They have weapons on the offense that can attack the defensive secondary and some of their weaknesses. So they match up very well against them. Julio Jones is going to be a mismatch nightmare for a lot of teams, a lot of DBs.”
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Eye on Fantasy Football host

“I think Sterling Shepard is probably the best of the class. Corey Coleman is going to have an opportunity to make a lot of plays, and then the two guys that I think are going to be certainly involved with respect to touchdowns (are) Will Fuller for the Texans and Michael Thomas. If you’re looking for a sleeper this week, Will Fuller against the Bears at home should be really good.”
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“For me, I think what had the biggest impact was my goals. No. 1, I understood that football was a lifesaver for me. No. 2, I understood that football was a vehicle so that I could actually do the things that I really liked to do one day when I was finished playing in the NFL. So two things that I’m really into is business and people, from a charitable perspective or from a business perspective. So what I did with my career is I carried myself, I shaped my career, and the things I did or didn’t do was all (with my post-NFL career in mind). I’m very, very grateful for the position that I’m in now.”
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TOM HERMAN – 9/9/16
Houston head coach

“I studied communications. I thought I wanted to be like you guys. I thought I wanted to be a broadcaster and a journalist myself. The direction that the media has turned to where it doesn’t matter if you’re right anymore in terms of repercussions, I don’t like the road we’re heading down. And maybe I can’t stop it, but maybe if I continue to express my displeasure, (it will help).”
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BART SCOTT – 9/9/16
NFL Today on CBS analyst

“The referees are human, too. If he leaves the game, you’re hurting your opportunity to win. The referees gave him the benefit of the doubt. He was down there. It’s not like he was laying on the ground, rolling around holding his head. He got to his knees almost like he had lost his wind and he got up. He was fine, I believe. But of course that plays a role.”
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