Cedric the Entertainer dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones on Thursday to discuss his new act, “Live from the Ville,” which debuts this Friday on Netflix. The comedy icon takes aim at rap artists, Snapchat and President Obama’s legacy, among other topics, in front of a packed house at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

“I hadn’t done a special since 2010,” Cedric said. “This is an opportunity to see me do my thing live. I decided to take my brand of comedy to (Nashville), and it was a blast. I just go and crush it with an hour of standup, jokes and guffaws.”

The 51-year-old, if you’re curious, does not use Snapchat.

“I would get in too much trouble,” he said. “Anytime something can disappear – well, you actually think it’s gone and they told me (you) can take a picture of it. I said, ‘Oh, some of the stuff I was putting on there, I thought it really disappeared. But no, they got that.’”

As for the President, Cedric believes that Obama is ready his for his second term to be over.

“I believe Barack Obama is really ready to quit,” he said. “I know that last day he’s not going to put a suit on. He’s going to walk (out of the) White House in some Jordan flip-flops, a shirt and a Wade cap and go get on that helicopter and just leave.”

If you haven’t seen Cedric do standup, you’ve probably heard his voice in various animated movies, including Ice Age and Madagascar.

“It’s pretty easy,” he said. “It’s not as fun as people think because you’re actually in the room by yourself. But if you’re a kid that kind of grew up with imagination and you imagine being in your room playing with your army man and talking to him and giving him characters, that’s pretty much what it is. At this point, you’re a grown person in a booth making up little voices and names. It is easy money, especially those Madagascars. I must say I did pretty well there.”


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