Two-time Super Bowl champion

“I think Gary Kubiak and John Elway really have put this young man in a position to be successful. Good defense, they ran the ball well, I’m excited about where the Broncos are going the year.”
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MARK RICHT – 9/12/16
Miami head coach

“I check out scores, so I know all of that. But other than that, I’m up to my ears in game-planning and calling plays again (and) coaching QBs. (I’m a) head coach starting up a new program, so to speak. I’m so busy I don’t have time to mess with it. But my mom, my dad, my brother, my two sisters, they all live in Athens, Georgia, still. So I keep up with those guys.”
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Steelers radio analyst

“He realizes, ‘Listen, I’m going to get double-teamed every single play,’ and he’s worked to get open. You can see Ben trusts him (and says), ‘Listen, I understand he’s double-teamed and my read is telling me to go to the opposite side. But I know Antonio is going to get open.’ That is the beauty of him and you can see that rapport between those two continue to grow. Another 100-yard receiving day for Antonio. He really and firmly believes that he can get 2,000 yards and over 143 catches. He’s on his pace right now.”
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MIKE MORSE – 9/13/16
11-year MLB veteran

“They do have their problems when it comes to hitting, when it comes to the homers and stuff. I don’t think anybody has 20 homers on the team. But the thing is, that starting pitching staff, no matter what’s going on, (can carry them). . . . Since the break, they’ve had their little spurts. They haven’t been that great of a team. But that starting pitching staff is really good, is really good. So it’s tough to say they’re not going to be able to do it. They’re still in there. I still think they’re a strong ball club. This part of the season, (Bruce) Bochy is going to into that clubhouse and he’s going to give this unbelievable speech and it’s going to fire everybody up and you’re going to see Hunter Pence just go in another gear, Buster Posey is going to get two-out RBI base hits like it’s his job, and they’re going to come together. It’s just how it is. It’s the way they do (it).”
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JUSTIN PUGH – 9/14/16
Giants offensive lineman

“That was another game we lost literally on the last second of the game. I call it the redemption tour. We had Dallas Week 1, we have the Saints coming in this week, it’s another big game, they have a great offense. I’m looking forward to getting out there and making some things happen and coming out this time with a win.”
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NFL legend

“It brings a lot of excitement of the city, especially the city of Inglewood, putting that new stadium there, jobs, having a football team. Football is bigger than it’s ever been right now. It’s everywhere. Everybody wants to have a football team. You have an identity with a football team. You’re talking about a city that had the Rams for, what, 50 years and all of a sudden they left. To have them back now – don’t get me wrong, it’s growing pains. People are still mad that they left and they want to embrace them back, but you know how it is in L.A. You’ve got to win. You’ve got to put a product on the field.”
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SEC on CBS analyst

“Alabama is going to travel to Ole Miss, Ole Miss has beat them two years in a row. Ole Miss, all they hear about is, ‘Ole Miss didn’t beat us. We beat ourselves.’ They’re going to be ticked and they’ve got the weakness of Alabama – their offensive line – versus the strength of Ole Miss: a disruptive, attacking defensive line. They’re going to try to give that Alabama offensive line a lesson. Will they do it? I don’t know. But that’ll be the ball game.”
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“I know that last day he’s not going to put a suit on. He’s going to walk (out of the) White House in some Jordan flip-flops, a shirt and a Wade cap and go get on that helicopter and just leave.”
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KEVIN JAMES – 9/15/16

“What I love about TV is it’s kind of like a bridge between standup and movies. You have that live audience, which I miss so much, and it’s awesome to get to feed off of that. But when you’re doing a movie, I love to do them, but sometimes it can take up to two years before the thing comes out. I just like that immediate feedback. That’s really important to me. It kind of energizes me.”
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BART SCOTT 9/16/16
NFL on CBS analyst

‘That’s a fine and a 15-yard penalty? Come on, man. I’ve watched (Travis) Kelce do the Nae Nae. I’ve watched him do every popular dance. Twerking is a popular dance in the urban community. He did a little twerk, bang-bang, Dancing with the Stars, he hit it two times. It wasn’t like he was on the ground humping. Come on, man. He hit the bang-bang. The twerk is a popular dance.”
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