RANDY CROSS – 9/19/16
CBS Sports college football analyst

“The analogy has been made to Mike Vick, but this is a kid that’s got really God-blessed talent and speed with his legs, but he’s also a product of the 7-on-7 system. So he’s a guy that’s born and matured and gone through constantly throwing, constantly reading defenses, constantly having that drilled into his head, how the passing game works. You augment that with what he can do with his feet, it’s something. It really is something to watch.”
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Philly 94.1 host

“Initially you think he’s going to be mesmerized because he’s from a small school and stuff, and he comes in and he does exactly what I kind of thought he was going to do. Everybody else was saying that he wasn’t going to play this year. From what I gathered from the kid and what I’ve seen, I didn’t think they was going to be able to hold him off the entire season, talking about not playing him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he supplanted the chumps that they had in front of him.”
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NBA legend

“You have to be able to speak your mind, no matter what position that you have in our society, especially when there’s so much discussion about so many negative aspects. Everybody has an opinion and we need to hear people’s opinions and evaluate them and see if they have any credence. If they’re not credible, we got to move on, but some of the things that are being discussed are very crucial to how are society moves forward.”
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APRIL ROSS – 9/21/16
U.S. volleyball player

“(It was) the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But we had so much love and support from the United States. I can’t say enough how much that mattered. It really was the difference between us winning that match or not. It was so hard.”
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JON BEASON – 9/22/16
Former NFL LB

“So now you have a true rookie who hasn’t been around the offense that long – just the offseason – going in and facing a Texans defense that I feel has really emerged as one of the best with Watt and Clowney and Mercilus. Those guys really get after it, and I think there’s a big differential between their D-Line and the Pats’ offensive line. It’s going to be tough for Jacoby, but you hear so many good things about him, that he’s a gym rat, he loves to study, he doesn’t have any vices, he’s a really good kid – and he’s a South Florida kid, so that makes him that much better.”
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MIKE RILEY – 9/23/16
Nebraska head coach

“He is such a competitor. He loves to play. I think this team really loves him in these situations because they trust him and they know how much he’ll compete. As soon as I knew what it was, I was almost assured he’d be back.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/23/16
The NFL Today analyst

“Because now they’re going to be in the basement and they’re going to be in a position where the kid from Louisville (Lamar Jackson) is going to be out there, the guy (Deshaun) Watson is going to be out there, I’m sure another quarterback is going to emerge. They’re going to say ‘We got ours’ and somebody else is going to move up and get their answer.”
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