There are certain times when it’s okay to cry on a football field: during the pregame ceremony, when a teammate gets carted off with an injury, when you get carted off with an injury, losing a big game such as the Super Bowl, dealing with a personal tragedy in your life, and playing in your final game. Tears of joy for any reason are also acceptable.

But crying on the sideline during a game, as Odell Beckham Jr. did Sunday? In Week 3 of the NFL season?

That’s just weird.

“I will say this, I guess,” former NFL player and current NFL analyst Ross Tucker said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I’ve played with a bunch of diva receivers, so I like that he cares that much. I played with guys (that only cared about their numbers). I remember we were up by like 15 points one time, we scored a touchdown, and the receiver was so mad because the other receiver had scored two touchdowns. I went to go high-five him in the end zone and he said, ‘Get the bleep away from me’ because he was that angry that the other receiver was getting all the deep balls, all the touchdowns. Odell had a good game, so if he cares enough about the team’s performance, I’ll take that.”

Beckham had seven catches for 121 yards on Sunday, but Washington won, 29-27.

Still, perhaps all is not lost for Beckham and the Giants.

“Based on what I’ve seen this offseason,” Tucker joked, “they’ll probably get a tissue commercial out of it.”


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