Iliza Shlesinger dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Tuesday to discuss her new Netflix comedy special, “Confirmed Kills,” which she filmed in Chicago earlier this year.

“It’s pretty intense,” Shlesinger said in studio on Gio and Jones. “I talk a lot about – I’m reticent to say feminism on a sports radio show because guys are going to be turning their cars off the freeway – but it’s digestible and I don’t believe in male-bashing, so guys are super included. I talk about Shark Tank and how much I love that show and how much I hate that women want to be mermaids. So it’s kind of like a call to action. It’s pretty aggressive.”

Shlesinger, 33, said she got a personal trainer and put on 10 pounds of muscle for the special.

“Maybe 10 pounds is a bit much,” Shlesinger said, backtracking. “I wanted my body to reflect the material. I wanted to train for it, and I wanted to come out as strong as I felt the material was. It was a real artistic endeavor, but I was really proud of my triceps.”

In all seriousness, Shlesinger tackles some sensitive topics in her special but in a semi-lighthearted way.

“There’s a whole thing at the beginning just about how women are at a disadvantage because we’re not as strong as men,” Shlesinger said. “That’s the root of the problem. If women were physically stronger than men, we wouldn’t have waited for the right to vote. It’s all these things. There’s that, and it just sort of goes into sexual harassment (and) why that’s so scary for girls. It has nothing to do with, ‘Oh, he said something gross.’ It’s that he could kill you if he wanted to, which I know is a tough thing to bring up, but how do you think we feel? We left our hotel this morning and my first thought was, ‘I’m going to get coffee. I’m going to go to a radio show. I might get killed on the way back.’ We think about these things. So it’s sort of making it accessible and relatable.”

Shlesinger also broke down the different archetypes you see on Shark Tank.

“Unfortunately, the attractive woman always has the dumbest thing,” Shlesinger said. “‘Like, it’s a shower cap you can wear while you’re cooking so your hair doesn’t smell.’ It’s like, someone take her out back and shoot her. We need to learn math and science, and you invented a shower cap for cooking. And so I just do an impression of it and how it devolves, and there’s a couple of cocaine references and it worked out.”


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