Kevin Greene played for four different teams during his 15-year NFL career, including eight with the Los Angeles Rams. But his three years in Pittsburgh, from 1993-95, were the highlight of his career.

“I’m going to be honest, man,” Greene said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “We hammered people in Pittsburgh. It was a whole other level. It was fun. It was a whole other level of playing defense and just getting after people’s tails. And I was surrounded by some great guys.”

Rod Woodson. Greg Lloyd. Chad Brown. Levon Kirkland. Darren Perry. Carnell Lake. Joel Steed.

“Just a lot of great guys, and we were all in this thing together,” Greene said. “We were sold out for one another. We had brotherhood there.”

Greene, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, will get to experience that brotherhood again this Sunday, as the Steelers are hosting a ring ceremony for him at Heinz Field.

Hearing the cheers of the Steeler faithful will be music to his ears.

“Playing in front of that Steeler Nation in Three Rivers – there was nothing like it in my career, being a Pittsburgh Steeler,” said Greene, who had 35.5 sacks and two of his five Pro Bowl seasons in Pittsburgh. “It was just a moment in time. Those three years was just the pinnacle of my career. That’s why it had to be Pittsburgh giving me my ring. And I’m honored that Mr. Rooney and the Steeler organization would have me in their family like this and bring me in and honor me in front of everybody at Heinz Field this Sunday. I’m so honored. I’m just so happy that Mr. Rooney would bring me into the family.”

Greene was drafted by the Rams in 1985 and spent the first eight years of his career there, ultimately signing with Pittsburgh after the 1992 season.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t have any love for the Rams,” Greene said. “I do, but it was different. I had a couple good years with the Rams. The rivals, the 49ers and hitting Joe Montana and Roger Craig and all those guys up there, (was fun). The defense that I was involved with there in Pittsburgh, that defense was different. We were more together. It was more of a brotherhood. I had some brothers there with he Rams, don’t get me wrong. But the defense, it was a different feel. It was the way defenses need to be when they play with each other and how they go after people. The Rams’ fan base was phenomenal, but playing in front of the Steeler Nation, it was electric. It’s really hard to describe. I’m 54 years old. If they want me to come out of retirement right now and give them another snap, I probably would give it my best shot because it was phenomenal to play in front of the Steeler Nation.”


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