Miami radio host

“That’s exactly what he was able to do for his family. That’s why it’s so emotional – because we know how much it means that every Cuban that succeeds, that Cuban is helping another Cuban or supporting another one. And we know that now that Jose is gone, there’s going to be a lot of people that are going to be hurting because of this.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 9/26/16
Former NFL player, current analyst

“I’ve played with a bunch of diva receivers, so I like that he cares that much. I played with guys (that only cared about their numbers). I remember we were up by like 15 points one time, we scored a touchdown, and the receiver was so mad because the other receiver had scored two touchdowns. I went to go high-five him in the end zone and he said, ‘Get the bleep away from me’ because he was that angry that the other receiver was getting all the deep balls, all the touchdowns. Odell had a good game, so if he cares enough about the team’s performance, I’ll take that.”
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DANA WHITE – 9/27/16
UFC president

“You got a lot of people. You got to take the good with the bad. I like all of it. I like the negativity. I like the positivity. You can’t expect to go on social media and everybody love you and everybody say positive things. The difference between me and everybody else is I’ll give it back to you and I don’t care. I don’t care if the media writes stories about me. I could care less.”
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“I talk a lot about – I’m reticent to say feminism on a sports radio show because guys are going to be turning their cars off the freeway – but it’s digestible and I don’t believe in male-bashing, so guys are super included. I talk about Shark Tank and how much I love that show and how much I hate that women want to be mermaids. So it’s kind of like a call to action. It’s pretty aggressive.”
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UFC welterweight champion

“When I’m looking in your eyes, I’m looking in your soul and he’s scared. He’s going to fight me scared. He’s fought a lot of athletes scared. That’s what his distance and space creates. I can just see it. I told him earlier, I’m looking and I can tell you what kind of fight I’m going to be in. He was trying not to budge. He was trying not to blink. He was trying to stay still, but that cheek just started jumping. You can’t control it.”
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NFL HOF offensive lineman

“He didn’t play any preseason. It wasn’t like he had preseason action and then he missed the first three weeks and he’s going to work back into it. He’s starting from ground zero, even though he’s a veteran. So you can expect some (good things), but I don’t think you can expect to see the Vontaze Burfict that you’re used to seeing out there on the football field.”
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KEVIN GREENE – 9/29/16

“We hammered people in Pittsburgh. It was a whole other level. It was fun. It was a whole other level of playing defense and just getting after people’s tails. And I was surrounded by some great guys.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/30/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“They were supposed to be big stuff. We went down there with the Ravens. That’s when they were doing that read-screen where they pretty much run . . . an illegal pick (with Bush).’”
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