As Odell Beckham Jr.’s emotional outbursts become more frequent and more intense with each passing week, the New York Giants may need to consider disciplining their star wide receiver. Beckham may think his passion is good for the team, but based on the last couple of weeks, it isn’t.

“Man, he’s showing emotional weakness more so than anything,” Super Bowl champion and TOPS NFL analyst London Fletcher said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “He’s frustrated, I get it. He wants calls, he’s not getting calls – but he’s brought a lot of this on himself with just some of the antics that he does. Defensive backs, they know they can get under this guy’s skin. So they’re going to do it all game long. This’ll be something he deals with for a while. Until he shows the ability to walk away and not engage them, they’re going to continue to agitate him, and as you saw in Monday night’s game, referees are going to penalize him. Can you imagine how big it would be if a defensive back was able to get him ejected from a football game? That’s huge.”

Beckham, who caught 25 touchdowns in his first two seasons, is yet to find the end zone in 2016. He’s a tremendous talent, but the Giants have to be tired of babysitting him.

“I think at some point, they’re either going to have to bench him or sit him down a game,” Fletcher said. “This is on the coaches, too. He doesn’t seem to have a great deal of respect for the coaching staff, particularly Ben McAdoo as a head coach, who has already said he needs to tone it down (and) he’s a distraction. Beckham last week said I’m fine, I’m out here for my teammates. So basically, ‘Screw the coach, I don’t care what you say.’ So they’re going to maybe have to bench him or not play him a game so he realizes there will be consequences. We don’t care how talented you are. You’re not bigger than this football team. That’s the message that you have to send.

“I’m sure the players have talked to him,” Fletcher continued. “He also has to respect the players. So much has been given to this young guy so quickly to where he probably has in his mindset, ‘I’m untouchable.’ Well, no, you’re not untouchable. You’re not the first really good wide receiver to come in and play the game in the NFL. The game will continue without you, no matter how great of a talent you are. You’re not the first to be ultra-talented and be a distraction. They’ll move on.”

Fletcher said that if he were Beckham’s teammate, he would “absolutely” approach him and address his antics.

“You have to know when,” he said. “Obviously with what’s happening during the game and the emotions that are involved, no one’s going to get to him during that game. But during the week – Monday, Tuesday (or) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – we would have to have conversations. Maybe (it would help) if players address him and say, ‘This is what your actions are doing to us as a football team. You say you want to win, but your actions don’t show that.’ (I would) definitely have a conversation with him.”


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