BRADY QUINN – 10/3/16 NFL analyst

“People are going to go back and they’re going to look at the Steelers game and they’ll say, ‘Look at the Steelers last night. They crushed the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re a legit team in the AFC North.’ That’s all true. But they had an awful game in Philly.”
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MIKE MORRIS – 10/4/16
Vikings radio host

“He only played one game. He had some issues off the field and now this. We’re talking about two years now where he’ll end up making somewhere around $24 million and only playing two or three games. They have to be really careful what they’re going to try to do with him now.”
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JIM DUQUETTE – 10/4/16
SNY and MLB Network Radio analyst

“I think the pros outweigh the cons. We saw all these last-minute decisions and teams winning on the second-to-last day or the last day of the season, which I think is great for the sport. Secondly, it gives more of an advantage if you win the division. It wasn’t that long ago where teams were sitting there and they’re trying to decide do they win the division or do they take the Wild Card? And they’re like, ‘You know what? The division, if we win it, it really doesn’t mean that much. We’re going to set up our pitching and get ourselves healthy and just settle in and take the Wild Card because we have just as good of a chance. We just play one more road game.’”
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TOPS analyst, Super Bowl champion

“He also has to respect the players. So much has been given to this young guy so quickly to where he probably has in his mindset, ‘I’m untouchable.’ Well, no, you’re not untouchable. You’re not the first really good wide receiver to come in and play the game in the NFL. The game will continue without you, no matter how great of a talent you are. You’re not the first to be ultra-talented and be a distraction. They’ll move on.”
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Former MLB All-Star

“I know the Cubs, what they did this year was amazing. For me, the best team all-around – I’m taking about hitting, I’m talking pitching, I’m talking about closer – is the Cubs. But San Francisco, they (know how to play in the postseason). This team knows how to win. If San Francisco wins one game in Chicago, (the Cubs) have to face Bumgarner in the first game in San Francisco (in Game 3). So the Cubs need to win both games if they want to have a chance.”
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ADAM RICHMAN – 10/6/16
Actor, TV host

“Large members of my crew are not like me and disappointing their mothers at every turn, and they are married with children. And me, I have a really nice X-Box. Obviously they need to spend time with their families, but I’m working with crew members that I’ve worked with since Season 1 of ‘Man v. Food.’”
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