Martellus Bennett spent three seasons with the Chicago Bears, from 2013-15, and he apparently didn’t like his time there. In a piece that recently aired on ESPN, Bennett questioned Jay Cutler’s leadership and insulted players in the Bears locker room.

He essentially called them the B-word.

“Hey man, listen, they’re an interesting family,” Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones, referring to Martellus and Michael Bennett. “I think they get a reality show afterwards. If a man speaks his mind, he’s got to be willing to stand on what he believes. He’s going to have to answer for (that). But who am I to deny it? I wasn’t in that locker room. There could have been a bunch of Bs.”

But should Bennett have said that to the media? If he wanted to vent, wouldn’t it have been better to say it privately to current teammates in New England?

Scott could go either way on that.

“Listen, you can’t explain to me why they would let a talent like Bennett go, especially for what they gave up for him,” Scott said, referring to the Bears trading Bennett to the Pats for a sixth-round pick. “Even with Jay Cutler, he was one of their better players – if not a top-three player – on their team. So how do you explain getting rid of that? I’m sure he was pretty upset that they thought so little of him. So everybody can’t handle a strong personality. Every coach can’t handle a strong personality. The numbers show me it was about production and he delivered. He was one of the best weapons on that roster.”

Bennett had 90 catches for 916 yards and six touchdowns in 2014. He was beastly in his first game with Tom Brady last Sunday, hauling in six catches for 67 yards and three touchdowns.

“We see him in New England, and we may have to worry about Gronk’s injury history,” Scott said. “He hasn’t made a big deal about it, but I know Gronk wants to get paid and he wants to be one of the top-paid players, and we know that’s not how the Patriots roll. I guarantee you Bennett will be used as leverage because right now, whole Gronk (isn’t) as healthy as he wants to be, Bennett is taking on his deeper routes. They’re kind of flip-flopping routes, and Bennett is shining. The fan base, of course they love Gronk, but it’s easier to get rid of Gronk when you got a guy like Bennett that’s performing at a high level and can do all the things that Gronk can do.”


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