BART SCOTT – 10/10/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“You see Cam Newton get beat down for eight sacks. You see Aaron Rodgers get beat down for five sacks. You see Eli scared straight. He didn’t even want to put his back foot in the ground. He just threw the ball into the dirt. He didn’t care. They were down and trying to make a comeback, and he’s still throwing check-downs because he didn’t want to take that punishment.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/11/16
Eye on Baseball MLB analyst

“Sometimes a coach says something that makes a little bit more sense. Sometimes a teammate (gives) a little bit of insight. Being a DH is not an easy thing to do. There’s a lot of position players that hate the days that they DH. They feel so disconnected from the game and they just sit around, sit around and take an at-bat every two or three innings. It’s not easy for a lot of players to do. He found a way to make that work. I’m sure there were some mentors along the way to walk him through it, and ultimately he found a home (and was) just very comfortable in that DH role, which is not easy for most.”
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ESPN college football analyst

“When that didn’t happen, whoever that next guy was had no chance of having support from the folks when it came to being the next head coach. So I wish Charlie nothing but the best. I hope they’re able to win out the rest of their games, but I look at Charlie (and wonder) how is he withstanding all this? Would he be better off going somewhere else? He’s a great coach who, if they fire him, he’s going to land on his feet. I wish Texas nothing but the best, but I just wish that the coaches did not have to deal with that.”
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Former MLB catcher

“I think it’s true. Of course. It’s great to be there as a first-timer. I think the only one as a catcher is Johnny bench. I could be the second one. But again, it’s not in my control. I think the media is the one to decide that, so I’m just going to wait and see what happens in January.”
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IKE TAYLOR – 10/13/16
NFL Network analyst

“Looking at Coach McCoy, he’s been having a lot of injuries to a lot of key guys. Your main receiver (Keenan Allen) goes down. (Danny) Woodhead, one of your main key matchup problems at the running back position, he goes down. You’re losing four games by a total of 14 points. That’s hard. You have a missed snap. Your guys are fumbling in crucial situations. So it’s kind of hard to blame it all on the head coach, but when you’re the head coach, that comes with the territory. If your team isn’t playing good, you’re the reason why.”
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ROB MANFRED – 10/13/16
MLB commissioner

“First of all, we’d have to have consensus among the ownership group about making a change, and because it affects the terms and conditions of employment of our players, we’d have to negotiate with the MLBPA over that type of a rule change. We have a great relationship with the MLBPA, and I hope that on these issues like other issues they’ll work with us to make sure that our game is as strong as possible.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/14/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“He hasn’t made a big deal about it, but I know Gronk wants to get paid and he wants to be one of the top-paid players, and we know that’s not how the Patriots roll. I guarantee you Bennett will be used as leverage because right now, whole Gronk (isn’t) as healthy as he wants to be, Bennett is taking on his deeper routes. They’re kind of flip-flopping routes, and Bennett is shining. The fan base, of course they love Gronk, but it’s easier to get rid of Gronk when you got a guy like Bennett that’s performing at a high level and can do all the things that Gronk can do.”
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