JOE THEISMANN – 10/17/16
Former NFL QB

“Absolutely. If that wasn’t pass interference when Richard Sherman grabbed Julio’s arm and yanked him to the ground – I absolutely could not believe that that was not a pass-interference call. I think to a degree the Seattle Seahawks are living a little bit on mystique, on who we’ve been. It’s a really solid, good football team, but we’ve seen people put points up against this defense throwing the football that we haven’t seen before.”
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SHANE BATTIER – 10/18/16
Former NBA forward

“D-Wade played his entire life in Miami. He wanted to see what else is out there. What if I’m missing something that I didn’t experience for 13 years in Miami? Chicago is sort of like a LeBron situation. It’s home for him. Any other place, I would have felt a little more weird, but I understand him going home, him trying to change Chicago, him trying to win for Chicago. And for the Heat, it’s time to give young guys an opportunity, and so I think they’re excited about that.”
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Former Heisman winner

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as just delightfully happy and relaxed as he is right now. He’s so happy to be back in Gainesville, so happy to be part of a program. He calls me all the time to say, ‘Hey, Danny, you know how many points you scored at home your senior year? I bet you don’t know. Averaged over 50. All right, have a good day, my man.’ It’s just great having him back.”
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FRANK GARCIA – 10/19/16
Former Panther and current WFNZ host

“I don’t see this getting much better. You look at the schedule ahead, there’s some teams playing pretty well. Maybe this bye week will do the Panthers some good, but give me a couple more wins and I’ll take it right now. I just don’t see a lot of this cultural thing getting better with the inner workings of this locker room. There’s a lot of turmoil, and I just don’t know if those things get corrected overnight.”
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CLIFF FLOYD – 10/19/16
MLB Network analyst

“When you have a shot at putting your foot on somebody’s throat, you continue. That’s just the game. When you have momentum, it tends to stick around – good and bad. The bad part about momentum is you can get a little complacent and cocky, but I don’t think the Dodgers have that in them. The good part is the way they’re playing the game, they’re getting contributions from everybody.”
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CBS NFL analyst

“You can blame it on (him being) sacked and hit too much, but if you go back and look in previous years where he’s been hit a lot and sacked a lot, he still performed at a very high level. So this goes beyond all those things, and at some point, Aaron Rogers has simply got to play better.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/21/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“I think he’ll do some bad things, make some mistakes. But at this point, you just can’t be afraid to fail and just let it rip. Just throw the ball. At the end of the day, you should have a longer leash because they’re not going to go right back to Fitzpatrick and the other kid (Christian Hackenberg) isn’t ready. So you should have confidence that you get a game or two. You can’t be afraid. You got to go out there and show command of the huddle and go make plays.”
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