P.J. FLECK – 10/24/16
Western Michigan head coach

“I really would. I would like to see it. Sooner or later, I think being able to guarantee a Group of Five (champion a spot) in a field of eight (and to have three at-large teams would be great). That way you can always have that Hoosiers story. You can have that Boise State-type run when we had the BCS system but still couldn’t get to the national championship. I think that would really benefit college football. I think everybody always wants to see that underdog-type deal. But again, I think that’s kind of the next step I think everybody sees. Eventually, we’ll continue to change.”
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KEN NIUMATOLO – 10/25/16
Navy head coach

“Just first and foremost getting us some exposure, just recognizing that young men see that we have a really good football program. Then when they look into it, they recognize that you’re getting a world-class education. There are a lot of people obviously that (wonder) about (the service requirement). They come and recognize it’s a great opportunity for yourself after (college). There are many college graduates looking for jobs, but when you come here, when you graduate, you’re guaranteed a job. And so, as they’ve looked more into it, they recognize, ‘Holy smokes, this is a great deal. Play great football, great education, and a guaranteed job after? Sign me up.’”
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MARTY PEVEY – 10/26/16
Cubs AAA manager

“He can play shortstop every day no problem, but he’s such a good defender. It’s almost like sometimes he makes things up as he goes. He’s a natural. He’s the guy in the schoolyard that does things you’ve never seen before.”
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PAUL CHRYST – 10/26/16
Wisconsin head coach

“Because it’s not your personality, you don’t want to be cheating the program some way, but I didn’t want someone else to run it. If it’s got my name on it, I want to have ownership of it and there was no way I was going to take the time. I think the worst part would have been to start one and then there’s nothing happening with it. Everyone tells you, ‘Well, this person can run it. Wisconsin football has an account.’ I just wasn’t up for doing it not the right way. I really don’t miss (anything by not being on social media). I feel like I’m not shortchanging the world by not having one. I think the world’s a better place because I don’t.”
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Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan reporter

“The fans last night after the game seemed like the world was coming to an end, but the players definitely didn’t. That’s because this Indians team, they just don’t seem to care who they’re going up against. They recognize that the Cubs on paper are a better team, but if you go into the Boston series, if you go into the Toronto series, they’ve had moments where – even though they swept Boston and went through Boston pretty fast and they had (just) one loss to Toronto – they’ve had moments where they’ve had, seemingly in their mind, their backs against the wall.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/28/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“Come on, man. It’s like you’re trying to trick yourself again, man. How many times are we going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say, ‘Oh, he has all the tools. He has a big arm.’ Blah blah blah. So did Jeff George. Some people ain’t got the ‘it’ part – and that’s the most important part, the stuff in between your ears. He just don’t got it, man. But he’s made a lot of money doing it. Nobody’s going to take that contract. He’s exactly right: You’re married to me. You’re stuck with me, at least for a couple of more years.”
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