An odd thing happened during the Patriots/Bills game on Sunday. A fan threw a sex toy onto the field.

Seriously, that happened.

“Yeah, let me take you through the play-by-play of what happened for a play-by-play guy,” CBS play-by-play voice Ian Eagle said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Obviously you’re focused on the play itself. When an object it flying onto the field, your first instinct is it’s a flag, but you don’t say it automatically until you can make sure because obviously that affects the play at hand and it affects the way that you call it. So when I saw something fly onto the field, the first thought is, ‘All right, it’s probably a flag.’”

It wasn’t.

“I took out the binoculars at that point and quickly realized this was not a flag,” Eagle said, to the laughter of Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones. “In the broadcasting business, there’s a talk-back where you can talk to your producer and your director during game action. I think I would have won an Emmy on the talk-back. But on the air, I’ve got to be honest: I’m trying to rack my brain. I don’t remember this being covered at Syracuse.”

Eagle, 47, graduated from Syracuse in 1990.

“Senior year, a whole class on streakers on the field,” Eagle joked. “I don’t want to say anything official. You don’t want to speculate on these matters. I believe the apparatus is in – how do I put this delicately? – in possession of the CBS crew. I believe so. The issue was who was going to discard it, and it ended up getting kicked to the sideline and it was wedged in between where the field and the stadium siding begins. That’s when a member of our crew actually located it (and dislodged it).”


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