The Chicago Cubs have won two straight games. If they make it three in a row, the euphoria in Chicago will be unlike anything that just about any fan base has ever experienced.

“It’s amazing,” former MLB player and current CSN Cubs analyst Todd Hollandsworth said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “The best way that I can get everybody nationally really to understand this and really to explain it is it’s beyond the Cubs. It’s beyond the 2016 version of what this Cubs team is, the players. It’s not Theo (Epstein), it’s not Jed (Hoyer), it’s not Anthony Rizzo, it’s not Kris Bryant – it’s beyond that. It’s so emotional, it’s so generational. I saw it in the NLCS, when the Cubs got themselves to the World Series. Around Wrigley Field, everybody’s celebrating. Everybody’s in this euphoric state and enjoying this moment. You look around Wrigley Field, and there’s probably 100 signs, 150 signs. People are still celebrating. Some people are still making their way into the streets to celebrate some more. But you start looking at the signs. Usually most of the stuff is rallying around your team and celebrating every player on your team for what they were contributing to your championship. These signs were about (family members from) 100 years ago.”

Other MLB fan bases simply can’t relate to that. Maybe the Red Sox pre-2004, but that’s about it.

“This is so generational,” Hollandsworth said. “That’s the one thing I was so amazed about. It’s almost like this moment allowed people back into their own personal history and their own personal relationships with people who are no longer with us. That’s where all of this seems to go. It is so deeply woven into the Cubs’ fan base that you can’t ignore it. It’s just the way that it is and it’s what it represents. Tonight, history will be defeated either for the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs. For Cubs fans, it’s been a long wait and it’s been a lot of dead relatives.”


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