While it hasn’t been a great year for NFL ratings, it hasn’t been a great year for NFL officials, either. Referees have made numerous high-profile mistakes, including a litany errors that unfolded in Monday night’s Seahawks/Bills game.

The most egregious, of course, was an unflagged hit on Richard Sherman, who could have seriously injured Bills kicker Dan Carpenter during a field-goal attempt. Sherman was whistled for being offside, but not for committing a blatant unnecessary roughness penalty.

“It’s pathetic,” Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “It’s amazing that five referees can’t figure it out and nobody knew the rules. Nobody can figure it out. If that’s not roughing, what is? If that’s unabated to any player, you talk about player safety – what are we talking about? That’s the equivalent to a D-end coming offsides and body-slamming a quarterback and saying, ‘Oh, I wanted to make sure he didn’t get a pass off. Because he could have gotten a free play.’ Come on, man. Are you kidding me?”

Scott, however, did not approve of Carpenter’s wife, Kaela, attacking Sherman on Twitter and implying that he should be castrated.

“I think it was just bad judgment on her part,” Scott said. “She has to remember the history of what happened to slaves in this country when you talk about castration and things like that. In the Instagram/Twitter world, people try to be witty and try to be on point and sometimes if they just step back and push pause a little bit, they can see what’s going on.”


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