JAMIE DUKES – 11/7/16
NFL analyst

“If he had a guy like a Mike Tice (as) his offensive line coach, then I think it would work. Because you have to have somebody with NFL experience to understand how tough this league is, and if you don’t have that – and you think you can just run sideline-to-sideline and be cute and sling it all around – that’s not how the National Football League works when it comes to winning championships.”
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PHIL SAVAGE – 11/8/16
Former NFL GM

“They are basically hitting rock bottom, but we don’t know where the bottom is yet because they’re 0-9. You look at the schedule and you wonder, ‘Is there a game out there they can win?’”
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WILL BRINSON – 11/9/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“These guys are like old ladies in a hair salon. They talk, they’re hanging out, they’re chatting it up, they’re going back and forth about certain players, and my guess is at this point they’ve decided that Cam thinks he deserves too many calls, whereas they don’t see it as a situation where Cam does deserve the call. As a result, there’s probably a little bias against him. That’s a shame because that happens in every sport. You develop a reputation and, fair or unfair, it sure seems like Cam has a reputation for a guy who wants calls that the ref just says he’s not going to get.”
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SEC on CBS analyst

“I just don’t think Auburn’s alive if they somehow win their last games. Champions are going to get there. Louisville needs help but they’re going to have a lot of problems with this committee thing because there’s a mixed message that they’ve been doing week after week and teams like Louisville are going to throw up their hands and go, ‘So what’s the rules here?’ I thought it’s been a mistake that they come out with these rankings (so early). It’s great for talk radio, great for the blogs, great for ESPN, I guess, on Tuesday night, but I think it’s a total waste of time.”
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BILL HANCOCK – 11/10/16
College Football Playoff executive director

“Three losses, of course. All losses against good teams but not a quality win. That was all a discussion about LSU. That was a conversation. Nebraska, good resume, had a couple of losses to a (couple of) top-10 teams – Wisconsin and Ohio State – or they might have fallen farther. I think we’ve got Nebraska in the right place.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/11/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“She has to remember the history of what happened to slaves in this country when you talk about castration and things like that. In the Instagram/Twitter world, people try to be witty and try to be on point and sometimes if they just step back and push pause a little bit, they can see what’s going on.”
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Penn State head coach

“You go on campus, there’s definitely differences. The emails that are sent to my administrative assistant now compared to before are different. But internally, we don’t change anything. We don’t talk about it. As a coach, I’m paranoid Sundays through Fridays trying to do everything I possibly can to help this team get prepared so we can go out and be successful. On Saturdays, we just go play. We just try and enjoy it and we prepare like crazy so we sleep well on Friday night and wake up Saturday confident and ready to play. But we don’t talk about those other things because they really don’t matter. All that matters is do you find a way to be successful this week? You put a bunch of weeks together, you see what happens at the end of the season and you go from there. We don’t get caught up in it. Like I said, if you drink the Kool-Aid, you’re going to get cavities. We just focus on our process.”
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