In the first two years of the College Football Playoff, each of the top four teams in the final rankings has been a champion of their conference. That made things easier on the committee to decide who got to play in the semi-finals for the right to play for the national title.

This season, that hasn’t been the case. Right now, it seems that Ohio State, despite not playing in the Big Ten conference championship game, could get a spot in the playoff. There are still conference championship games to be played this weekend, but the committee certainly has a more difficult decision to make this year. With that, a lot of debate has ensued over which teams should be in the playoff and how the system is/should be set up. One of the main questions that college football fans and analysts alike face is: Do you trust the committee to put the right four teams in?

“No, I don’t. Not for me. They may get it right for Ohio State fans, or some Michigan fans, Clemson fans or maybe some Washington fans, who probably deserve it, but no I don’t trust them,” said CBS Sports Network college football analyst Christian Fauria on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones show. “I hate the whole process. I think for the most part they’re a bunch of frauds. I don’t trust them at all. I think it’s pathetic that you’re going to allow this to continue. The way college football is set up to allow just a bunch of guys and females in a room to decided the fate of college football. I don’t like it.”

“I’m all about conference championships. I don’t care if you have three losses or four losses. I like the way the NFL does it,” said Fauria. “You take everybody’s bias out of it, relationships with organizations and programs, remove it completely. And you just say alright who are the best teams, who won their conference? Alright, there you go.”

If things go the way they are expected to and at least two of the Power 5 conference champions are left out, there will be a lot of unhappy campers among the leaders of those conferences. In that case, would the system be changed?

“No I don’t think they’re going to blow it up,” said Fauria. “I think we’re going to continually go down this road of uncertainty and no consistency–that’s my biggest issue–until eventually everybody gets fed up and they set it all up again. And they realize that they can make more money by adding more teams and conference championships and away we go.”


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