GARY STOKAN – 12/5/16
Peach Bowl president and CEO

“It’s a negotiation and some selling in there. You have to feel strong. I think the conference championships, the head-to-head, the strength of schedule all become the tiebreakers at the end of the day. Those committee members jobs are to get the four best teams. That came into play this year probably more than the first two years.”
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GRANT HILL – 12/7/16
Former NBA All-Star

“He doesn’t need Phil Jackson to get him riled up. He’s going to come out and want to play and put on a show and go against his good buddy, Carmelo Anthony, who has the team playing a little bit better now. So it’s always fun as a player, particularly a star player, when you go to the Garden. I’m sure LeBron James will be ready to go.”
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RANDY CROSS – 12/8/16
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“There’s a bunch of assistants and GAs that were on (his staff) at Western Kentucky – guys like Wille Taggart and Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh and it goes on and on. It’s a lot of fun to see. I think Oregon has really done themselves well.”
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USA Today MLB columnist

“Obviously you can be the enemy but if you start hitting home runs right away and become a stud, all of a sudden you’re beloved. It’s almost like all these teams start booing Ryan Braun and some of these guys (who are) involved with PEDs, but if he’s on your team, all of a sudden he’s a hero – just like Bonds was in San Francisco. So I understand it.”
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Tech guru

“It’s one of my favorite conversations. I actually help work in a lab out in L.A. that does VR, and I’ve been following it since its infancy. The first time I got in a seat and experienced the whole immersive environment, I was training on a Navy ship. I think I told you this story before, but it was so intense that I didn’t know when to pop in and pop out, and I literally forgot that I had a whole camera crew filming me. And it was so intense that I got motion sick. I felt like I was on this Navy ship and really in the middle of the ocean. So from that moment, I knew it was going to be over the top (and) insane.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/9/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“They’ve won a Super Bowl, the Patriots won a Super Bowl in recent years, and T-Sizzle (Terrell Suggs) hates Tom Brady. They have the recipe for success that can make them one dimensional with a light box, but then they have the defensive pass rushers that can harass Brady and make it difficult. The only difference is without Gronk, somebody’s going to have to step on (Malcolm) Mitchell because he’s really stepping up and becoming one of Brady’s favorites. Chris Hogan is sneaky as well because he’s a vertical threat.”
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