For Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, neither winning 11 straight games, nor garnering some serious MVP consideration while maintaining one of the best TD-to-INT ratios in the league in his rookie year were enough to keep Cowboys fans from calling for his head during the team’s 10-7 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday night.

But despite the reaction of some Cowboys fans, head coach Jason Garrett and owner/GM Jerry Jones have reaffirmed their commitment to Prescott as the team’s starter.


On Tuesday morning, Cowboys beat writer for the Dallas Star-Telegram Clarence Hill joined CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones to discuss the team’s decision to stick with Prescott, their faith in the young quarterback to recover from his first real taste of adversity and of course, those calling for Prescott to lose his job.

“It is hysteria,” Hill said of the fan reaction to Prescott’s poor performance. “I guess it comes with the territory to a certain extent because it’s not like it’s just anybody sitting behind Dak Prescott, it’s Tony Romo. And there are a lot of people who didn’t think that Romo should have lost his job among the Dak hysteria. There were a lot of Romo fans who weren’t ready for Dak to lead and for Romo to step aside considering he led them to a 12-4 record in 2014, was injured much of last year and most of the hope coming into the season that the Cowboys would be better was because Romo was back.”

In short, it’s the combination of the team’s stellar record and the fact that Romo — the franchise stalwart at QB for the last 10 seasons — is now healthy that’s creating panic in Big D.

“There’s hysteria because the Cowboys, their fans, this is the first time they feel like they really have a chance at a Super Bowl since 1995,” Hill explained. “They don’t want to let it slip away.”

But what other factors are behind the sudden cries for Romo? Gregg Giannotti asked Hill if he thinks that Jones is also responsible as he has said he can “envision” a scenario in which Romo leads this team again this season.

“Yeah, there’s no doubt,” Hill said. “I talked about it last week, that Tony Romo had put the genie back in the bottle and Jerry opened the bottle back up. We thought the situation was over but he keeps talking about it, keeps having a dream — a Martin Luther King dream — about Tony Romo coming back and leading this team or playing a role in the Super Bowl run, and you have a fairy tale already. You have Dak Prescott, you have Ezekiel Elliott, there’s no reason to keep trying to prop up Tony and make Tony feel good by saying these things when you do have a rookie out there who’s saying all the right things and doing all the right things. (Dak) needs all of your support too.”

So, how is all of this affecting Dak’s psyche as the playoffs inch closer?

“One thing that has struck the Cowboys and everybody else about Dak is that the game is not too big for him,” Hill said. “He certainly has the right attitude, the right composure — he’s been comfortable in the huddle running this offense since day one. He says the right things, he has the right demeanor, the Cowboys like his work ethic and they believe he will bounce back. He has that competitive fire and he still has that chip on his shoulder from being passed over as a fourth round pick. He has even more of a chip on his should because everybody’s doubting him now.”


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