On Wednesday morning former NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes joined CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones to discuss a wide range of topics. The guys dove into everything from Spikes’ massive neck size, to some of his idols from the gridiron, to his love of yoga and of course, some of his best memories from his timeĀ as an NFL player.


“On of the things I’m most proud of in Cincinnati, I was a part of the first wave — I was the first athlete for the team — to help raise money for the underground railroad for the city of Cincinnati. I finally had an opportunity to go back this spring and finally see it after it was done, and I did a lot of fundraising for the building, that monument, and it’s everything that it was expected to be.”

“My next highlight, I would probably say in Buffalo, is my last game playing in Cincinnati. We played in Buffalo (with the Bengals) and they knew I was going to be a free agent. So as soon as I walked out of the tunnel, I saw Buffalo Bills fans — at least, maybe, half of the stadium — chanting “T.K.O!” and I’m like, am I in Cincinnati, or Buffalo? But they were recruiting me to come there. I had no idea that I was going to be in Buffalo, but four months later, I ended up in Buffalo. The big part of that highlight was the first game of the year. A lot of people remember that’s when Lawyer Milloy came over, Drew Bledsoe and we beat the Patriots pretty good, 31-0. And that was my first time being player of the week, nominated across the league, because I had a heck of a game; two interceptions, big hits, caused fumbles. So that was one of my biggest highlights.”

Still, there was one highlight that stood out to Spikes above all the rest and it came from one of the lowest points of the star’s NFL career.

“When I was in Buffalo, I tore my Achilles and I was at the pinnacle of my career. At that time, nobody else, no other player came back from a torn Achilles. The only other player I knew who came back and played longer than a year was Dan Marino. As a quarterback, they don’t do what we do, you know? For me, a lot of people thought I wouldn’t be able to get back and they wrote me off, but I came back and player eight years after that and still played at a high level.”


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