Colorado football head coach Mike Macintyre dropped by Gio And Jones as his team gets ready for the Alamo Bowl against Oklahoma State. Colorado was not very good prior to Macintyre coming. The question is if he was assured of the tools necessary to succeed.

“You’re always told that,” Macintyre said. “We did show progress on and off the football field. Our team got much more competitive. When I first came here, people would come to me and say let us just get through to halftime. There was a lot of progress and a lot of hope. The progress we were making at incremental levels was able to be seen.”

What’s been the best thing to look back on this season?

“I feel best about this group of seniors and fourth-year juniors that have fought through everything. Everyone didn’t believe in them and they kept believing in each other and these coaches that kept working extremely hard. It’s just great to see young men overcome obstacles. I was excited to see the joy in those guys’ eyes.”


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