Former NFL kicker and current CBS Sports NFL analyst Jay Feely stopped by Gio And Jones on CBS Sports Radio. Who better to discuss coaches using timeouts to ice kickers than the former kicker himself.

“Coaches are so dumb,” said Feely. “I tell guys that all the time. Do not give them a practice shot. If you’re putting in golf and your buddies are giving you the first one and it’s not going to count, and the second one is going to go, how many more times are you going to make that second putt? Equate it to kicking. The first kick helped me tremendously for the second kick. If they had any smarts, they would sit down with their kicker and say what helps and what doesn’t.

“When you have a veteran kicker and you call a timeout to ice him, that helps him. That gives him time to calm down and get his nerves under control. It doesn’t hurt a guy to call a timeout. Maybe if it is a young guy, not a veteran. It’s just so stupid and it’s counterintuitive to winning.”


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