The Dallas Cowboys are the best team in the NFC, but which team has the best chance of knocking them out of the playoffs before the Super Bowl? The Seahawks? The Giants? The Packers?


“It’s the Atlanta Falcons,” Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I’ve been on the Atlanta Falcons all year. I was so impressed when they went to Seattle, when Seattle was at full strength, and how Matt Ryan stood in there in that tough environment and how that running game worked. They got two good running backs that can be nice and physical, Vic Beasley is giving you something off the edge, Keanu Neal is a Kam Chancellor replica, and I think that they can put up points against anybody. Matt Ryan is completing almost 70 percent of his passes, no interceptions on third down – I think it’s going to be a tough day for anybody that matches up because they’re going to be a hard out.”

In the AFC, meanwhile, Scott believes the Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) have a realistic chance of making some noise in the playoffs.

“Now they got Tyreek Hill – somebody that can get the football and give you that explosive play,” Scott said. “Before it was always marching down (the field), eight-, 10-play drives, and now they can get the easy one. They can hit you in special teams when you don’t have your best athletes on the field and they have the best athlete on the field. They’re finding ways to get him the ball. They give him the ball running the ball in the backfield. Andy Reid is a great play designer. He’s going to have more tricks for him, more ways to get him the ball to make you have to match up. He makes them relevant. He gives them an opportunity because they can get the easy score. When you do that, you have to play the perfect game when you got to march down the field because it takes so long for you to get a score. Now they can hand the ball off to him and he can hit you in one or two plays.”

Scott also weighed in on the dumpster fire Buffalo, saying that the problem wasn’t Rex Ryan; it’s general manager Doug Whaley, who will soon hire his third head coach.

“It’s the GM. It’s not the coach,” Scott said. “Rex will end up .500. I think they’re going in the right way. Cordy Glenn was hurt, Shaq Lawson was hurt, Reggie Ragland didn’t even participate this year, Sammy Watkins missed eight games – and you finished .500? Yeah, you want to finish 10-6, but if you let Tyrod Taylor go out and you fire two coaches within two years, why are coaches going to want to come there? How can something be so wrong if you keep everybody except for Rex? Come on, man. Of course he’s going to keep Anthony Lynn. They can’t afford to get another coach. They got to pay (Ryan) $15 million.”


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