Perhaps you were caught off guard by Antonio Brown live-streaming the Steelers’ locker-room celebration following their 18-16 win over the Chiefs last Sunday.

Charlie Batch was not.

“When I saw it, it didn’t catch me off guard because it was something he did in weeks prior – and Mike Tomlin was in the videos,” the former NFL quarterback and current Steelers Radio Network analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “So to have it to this point, he just streamed it a little bit earlier. The only thing that bothered me is the fact that guys are getting ready to go in the shower, so now you’re talking about nudity in the video, and that’s something you can’t take away from it. That was the only issue that I truly had with it. Everything has been addressed. Of course we’re now talking about it here four days after the game, but it is an issue. I don’t think it’ll happen again, but based off Antonio’s press conference (Wednesday), you don’t know because they asked him that question flat out: Would you do it again? He said, ‘Stay tuned.’”

Batch, as explained, had mixed feelings on the live-stream, but didn’t Brown fundamentally violate locker-room code?

“Yes and no,” Batch said. “The only reason why I say no is because he did it in the past. If you go back and look at the weeks prior, there are a lot of players in there, and Mike Tomlin makes a cameo in one of those videos and is speaking at the phone.”

True, but it’s one thing for Tomlin to speak to a phone knowing that he’s on camera. It’s quite another if he’s addressing the team in a serious manner and doesn’t know he’s being recorded.

“That’s true,” Batch allowed. “But at what point does Antonio know what’s crossing the line and what’s not when Mike Tomlin maybe didn’t say anything to him at that particular moment? If he never said anything to him, he doesn’t know what crossing the line is. But now to get it to this point, I see where everybody has a problem with it. But if he allows it the first time, you can’t turn around and say (it’s not okay this time).”

In the end, Brown should have had better judgment, but from a business standpoint, maybe he did.

“(I’m) not getting paid from Facebook to create content,” Batch said. “Antonio Brown is getting paid from Facebook to create content. So he’s going to walk that line.”


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