Former NFL offensive tackle and medical marijuana advocate Eugene Monroe dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to crusade for cannabis. Indeed, Monroe wants cannabis to be an accepted form of treatment for pain management among NFL players. 

“You see a country – and really worldwide – where cannabis is being accepted for its medical value,” Monroe said on Gio and Jones. “Physicians all over are becoming educated and learning about how to best integrate cannabis into their practice. I believe that it’s the responsible thing for NFL physicians to do the same thing, to really explore cannabis as an option, as a tool, for healing for its players for all sorts of (issues). Team doctors don’t just prescribe pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills. They prescribe pills to players for all sorts of disorders that the athletes might have, whether it’s psychological, whether it’s sleep disorders, whether it’s gastro-intestinal disorders. Team doctors prescribe the same medications that all physicians prescribe, so if they have another tool in their tool box, it makes them a better doctor. (They could) recommend that their patients consume a plant that will not cause the adverse effects that the opioids do.”

But is the NFL making any progress on this? Many former players swear by cannabis. They say it’s managed their pain without the unwanted side effects that are so common with opioids.

Nevertheless, it seems the cannabis cause is akin to pushing a boulder up a mountain. 

“It should be a lot easier,” Monroe said. “We should be exercising more common sense, and ultimately, what the NFL needs to exercise is some compassion. For example, Seantrel Henderson (has) Crohn’s disease. A few months ago, he was consuming cannabis and failed a few tests. Cannabis is one of the only solutions for Crohn’s disease. To see a suspension for 10 games for a guy who’s consuming for a disease that he’s had multiple surgeries for is just disgusting. So you’re right. It is pushing a boulder up a hill or a mountain. But that’s what’s needed. It’s going to take people to do that heavy lifting to ultimately see the NFL have a healthier atmosphere in terms of health care for its players.”


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