DeAngelo Williams had an animated exchange with CBS Sports Radio’s Gregg Giannotti on Friday. The Pittsburgh running back was perturbed when Giannotti, a Steelers fan, asked about the recent antics of Antonio Brown.

Giannotti worked in Pittsburgh when Brown was drafted in 2010. He watched Brown rise from sixth-round unknown to NFL superstar. Giannotti got to know Brown quite well, liked him, said Brown always treated him with respect, and stated that he’s always been a huge Antonio Brown fan and always will be. Giannotti, however, has been caught off-guard by reports that Brown is wearing out his welcome in Pittsburgh and asked Williams for his take on things. 

Williams wasn’t happy about it.

“I’m totally lost and baffled by the fact that you gave me that very beautiful buffer,” Williams said on Gio and Jones, “and then you say all these negative things about what you heard.”

Giannotti interjected and said he wasn’t saying anything negative about Brown. He was simply asking if the reports are true that Brown has become a problem because Giannotti didn’t – and doesn’t – believe them.

“You don’t have to believe the things that you heard,” Williams said.

Giannotti reiterated that it’s hard for him to believe the reports and was simply giving Williams a chance to clarify.   

“Well, don’t believe that,” Williams said. “I’m clarifying the same thing that you said before. You can’t believe every media report that you read. Just because it’s on the Internet, you don’t have to believe it. Just because somebody tweets it, you don’t have to believe it. You don’t have to re-tweet it, okay? Don’t hit send. Don’t hit send.”

Giannotti felt Williams was being a bit sensitive and said, once again, that he just wanted to give him a chance to clear Brown’s name.

“Why should I have to clear a name that’s not dirty?” Williams asked. “The people that’s writing it don’t know him like you know him or I know him. So if they don’t know the guy and they’re just basing it off of what they read on the Internet or what somebody else tweeted of their perception of him based on one interview that they gave, then who are you to even bring it up because you know the guy personally?”

Williams then shared some advice that he lives his life by. 

“I’m going to tell you something that a prominent head coach told me – and I’m not going to tell you what prominent head coach told me this,” Williams said. “Don’t let a personal relationship get ruined by a professional one.”


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