Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won five Super Bowls together. No quarterback has won more Super Bowls, and no coach has won more Super Bowls. 

That is why many, including Joe Theismann, consider them the greatest quarterback-coach duo of all time.

“I think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback that ever played the game,” Theismann said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Barring the outcome of this football game, I would feel the same way. He won four world championships. Joe Montana won four. Terry Bradshaw won four. Certainly John Elway’s name can come up in the conversation, Dan Marino’s – there’s lots of guys’ names that can come up in the conversation. The reason I believe (Brady is the best is because) Tom has played with, I think, 46 different wide receivers, 30-some odd different running backs. If you look at Terry and Joe, both of them had a core group of players that they played with when they won the championship. It Tom’s case, there’s only been one constant factor in the five world championships that the New England Patriots won in such a short period of time, and that’s Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. You’re talking about the greatest coach and you’re talking about the greatest player. The greatest quarterback could be the greatest player. 

“So I don’t have a problem ranking Tom where I rank him,” Theismann continued. “I do have an issue because the game has changed so much, and you look at 15-year increments and say, ‘Who’s the greatest in this 15-year period?’ Because how do you compare Otto Graham, who I believe won seven championships in Cleveland, to a Joe Montana or a Terry Bradshaw or a Tom Brady? I believe when you look at Tom across the board and what he’s been able to do with the complements around him, I can’t believe anybody would say he’s not the greatest.”

The same can be said for Belichick. 

“(He’s) the greatest – because of what he’s been able to do, because of the way he’s been able to adjust over the periods of time,” Theismann said. “Think about this: This was Bill Belichick’s tenth Super Bowl. Seven as a head coach, but his tenth that he’s been a part of. That’s roughly 20 percent of the Super Bowls that have been played in the history of this game, and he’s been involved in them. Being a defensive coordinator for the Giants, that’s paramount to being a head coach. You’re in that same sort of category. So to me, I think you have to consider him the greatest. Like I said, you can talk about Tom being the greatest football player, too.”


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