As usual, James Dolan watched the Knicks from his court-side seats Sunday. Only this time he was surrounded by former Knicks Latrell Spreewell, Bernard King and Larry Johnson. In fact, nine former Knicks attended New York’s 94-90 win over San Antonio on Sunday in an obvious PR ploy following Charles Oakley’s arrest at Madison Square Garden last Wednesday. 

And nobody bought it. 

“What happened last night with Spreewell and the ex-Knicks was just embarrassing,” Yahoo! Sports senior NBA writer Chris Mannix said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “It’s like you’re bringing other girls to the show after being rejected by one to show people that girls really do like you. It’s so petty, and it’s so childish that I just can’t believe – Dolan, I can believe doing this. But the organization, which does have some really good people and some smart people and good basketball people, they’ve just got to be mortified. They have no sway here. Dolan does exactly what he does, and these people that are trying to do their jobs, they have to get bogged down in this. I said after the Oakley thing that I don’t think we’ve reached rock bottom, and this is even deeper – and there might be even more to go.”

The Knicks (23-33) are 7-20 over their last 27 games. It’s difficult to imagine things getting worse – and not just on the basketball court. 

“I guess you could start a war with Patrick Ewing,” Mannix said. “I guess that would dig it even deeper. But it really is embarrassing to have a flagship franchise both act like this and equally as important to have one playoff series win since 2000. A team like this, which should be able to have every three or four years a run at a championship, to be this bad for this long – it’s just humiliating. Everyone across the league knows it. It’s so frustrating for the people in the NBA office because they know that a successful Knicks team means great things for the ratings, means great stuff for the league, and it’s almost unfathomable that they’re this bad now and really have no chance in the foreseeable future at getting any better.”

The Knicks play the Thunder (31-24) in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Tip-off is at 9:30 p.m. ET.


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