Kate Bock and Genie Bouchard dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which they both appear in. But first, Bouchard, a 22-year-old tennis player, discussed her “Twitter date.”

Bouchard was asked out on Twitter during the Super Bowl and told the gentleman that she would say yes if the Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit.

They did, and so she did.

“I knew after all the media attention it got there was no way I could back out,” Bouchard said on Gio and Jones, laughing. “So just to keep my honor, I knew I had to follow through. So he flew here yesterday and I met him last night. He picked me up at my hotel like a gentleman and we went over to Barclays Center (for a Nets/Bucks game) and had a wonderful evening. He was pretty normal, so I was very happy to see that because I didn’t actually look at who he was on Twitter before I answered because I obviously thought there was no way it would happen. So it could have turned out to be anyone.”

It turned out to be John Goehrke, a 20-year-old marketing major at the University of Missouri.

“I was imagining the worst as soon as the Super Bowl was over, but as it turns out, some (guys) are actually normal when they ask girls on Twitter on dates,” Bouchard said. “Who knew?”

Bock, meanwhile, has a boyfriend. His name is Kevin Love, a 28-year-old power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Love just had knee surgery and is expected to miss six weeks.

“He’s doing well,” Bock said. “He definitely was watching the game last night and missing the boys. I think he’s just eager to get back. It’s Day 1 and he’s ready to go back now.”

The Cavs beat the Pacers, 113-104, in Cleveland on Wednesday to improve to 39-16.

Bouchard and Bock are both featured in the 2017 swimsuit issue.

“There’s lot of poking and prodding and getting ready,” Bock said, “but we travel together with all the girls and then we’re all in it together and you’re on different assignment with different girls and you meet different girls.”

Bock and Bouchard, in fact, were meeting for the first time on Gio and Jones.

“The sisterhood is being built right now,” Bock joked. “So by the end, you actually get to hang out with a bunch of friends, and it’s really fun.”


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