There’s been a video going around the Internet this week of professional Billiards player Naoyuki Oi giving an interview after one of his matches with a Sky Sports reporter in which he doesn’t answer any of the reporter’s questions in hilarious fashion.

Being the fun-loving morning show that they are, Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones decided to bring Oi on their CBS Sports Radio show Gio and Jones for a segment on Friday morning to see if they could do any better than the Sky Sports reporter.

The results were hilarious. But, the guys did find out that Oi is friends with former New York Yankees great Hideki Matsui after the following exchange.

Gregg Giannotti: “Is there anything you want to say to all the Americans that are listening now in English?

Naoyuki Oi: “I love the New York Yankees and am now eating a strawberry.”

Brian Jones: “So are you a big Hideki Matsui fan?”

Naoyuki Oi: “Oh, yeah Hideki, yeah I know, he’s my friend.”

The duo also learned that Oi’s nickname is “Crazy Boy” and laughs were had all around.


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