Glen Davis spent most of his eight-year NBA career playing for Doc Rivers, first with the Celtics and later with the Clippers. They even won a championship together in Boston in 2008.

Still, not all was copacetic between the two, as Davis recently said Rivers was “lucky as hell” to win an NBA title and is overrated.

Davis did not back down from those comments Thursday on CBS Sports Radio.

“A lot of things have happened, and just my interpretation of it and just what I’ve been through with Doc, it’s just my opinion on how he’s been in this league,” Davis said on Gio and Jones. “When you get to a point where it’s a part of your life, you got to talk about it, especially to get it out. Sometimes some situations are unfair. Sometimes the cards are dealt. You just got to deal with it. I don’t have (bad blood) with Doc. I’m just looking at the situation (from my perspective).”


Rivers led the Celtics to two NBA Finals appearances. Boston beat the Lakers in six games in 2008 but lost to the Lakers in seven games in 2010.

“Let me ask you a question: How many championships (do you think) Phil would have won if he would’ve been the head coach?” Davis said. “We had KG, we had Paul Pierce, Ray Allen. In ’09, KG gets hurt, a lot of different things are happening. (There’s a lot of) reasons why we didn’t win a championship. In (2010), I would definitely say that was Doc’s fault.”

Boston had a 3-2 series lead against Los Angeles in 2010, but Kendrick Perkins’ injury in Game 6 changed the series. Boston lost 89-67 in Game 6 and 83-79 in Game 7.

“At the end of the day, when Perk went down, you got to find a way to find more energy because of the situation,” Davis said. “Yeah, we lost Perk, and at the end of the day, a coach has to see, ‘What do we need in order to win this game?’ I just think he got away from that because of just relying on his veterans so much instead of just coaching. There’s a lot of things he could have did. I could have two championships right now, man. I got one, but it’s okay. That’s all right.”

Switching gears, Davis was asked to name the softest player he ever played against.

“I don’t like Kris Humphries,” Davis said, laughing. “He was just a real corny trash-talker. He got on my nerves. He’d be like, ‘I’m going to block that shot.’ It’s weird. He’s like that guy (who makes you think), ‘Damn, man, I just want to really punch him right now, but I can’t. But I can’t punch him.’ He’s such a punk, man.”


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