The Raiders moving to Las Vegas means a lot for football fans in Nevada, but it also means a lot to brothel owner Dennis Hof, who plans to build a Raiders-themed brothel called Pirate’s Booty 90 miles outside of Las Vegas.

Hof, 70, is the owner of the Bunny Ranch near Carson City. He believes a Raiders-themed brothel would be immensely popular.


“First of all, the Bunny Ranch in Northern Nevada is only four hours from the Raiders’ stadium, and so, we know everybody,” Hof said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “We got all the Raiders memorabilia. All those great costumes for Halloween, those Raiders costumes that the girls wear to the clubs – imagine having 15 or 20 girls all lining up in Raiders cheerleaders outfits. It’s a walk right down to the place where Lamar Odom’s got his jersey in the bar, the Love Ranch.”

Odom, of course, had a scary incident at the Love Ranch in 2015. He was found unresponsive at the brothel, was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital and spent several days in a coma.

“Lamar calls the ranch and wants to come out (for a birthday party),” Hof recalled. “The owner of the Lakers and I have a joint birthday party every year in Northern Nevada by the Bunny Ranch, so I’m going to have a second party (in Southern Nevada). He calls, wants to go to the party (and asks if he can come four days in advance and hang out).

Hof told Odom that he was welcome to come early but that no drugs were allowed.

“We’re not about that,” Hof said. “We’re about loving and liquor and you get all the food you want.”

Odom, though, apparently used drugs at the brothel, as multiple employees claim they heard Odom snorting cocaine in a bathroom.

“He was fine for three days, but he got that call that the Kar-trashian clan had ran that episode of his,” Hof said. “If I had to sleep with those chicks, I’d be doing drugs, too.”

Odom’s life-threatening episode became national news.

“He spent three days before he OD’ed,” Hof said. “We’re built on privacy and discretion, but when they haul you out in the ambulance, you’re going to get outed.”


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