Former North Carolina coach and current Indiana Pacers scout Matt Doherty dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss the NCAA Tournament, but first, he was asked about the missing Indonesian man who was found dead inside a 23-foot python in Sulawesi on Sunday. The python was reportedly lying motionless in a ditch, was cut open, and the man’s body was found inside. In fact, the boots the man had been wearing were visible in the snake’s stomach.

Doherty was asked what he would do if his friend were missing for 24 hours and he came across a bloated python. Would he cut it open?

“Oh my gosh, how about that story?” Doherty said on Gio and Jones. “You got to see if the rake and the shoe are nearby. If they are, then you cut into the python. That’s unbelievable.”

A video of the python-cutting is available online, but Doherty didn’t watch it.

“I didn’t play the video,” he said. “I couldn’t watch it. I only wanted to see my breakfast one time.”

As for the Final Four, Doherty said anything could happen, but he gives a slight edge to his alma mater.

“I don’t think there’s any one dominant team, but North Carolina has played with a maturity and experience,” he said. “I think they have gone through the toughest league, although the SEC would like to argue that at this point. They have guys that have been there before. Does that make a difference? I think yes. This is not new to them. The travel, the fanfare – they realize it’s a business trip.”

No. 1 North Carolina (31-7) plays No. 3 Oregon (33-5) in the Final Four this Saturday in Glendale at 8:49 p.m. ET. The winner will face either No. 1 Gonzaga (36-1) or No. 7 South Carolina (26-10) in the national championship April 3.


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