A few weeks shy of his 37th birthday, Tony Romo remains a Dallas Cowboy. Romo was reportedly going to be released in early March, but it didn’t happen. The franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns is still on the roster – and could be for several more months.

Houston and Denver have been flirted as ideal destinations for Romo, but Jerry Jones may have misgivings about both, especially the former.

“I think that this is a whole and complete Jerry Jones emotional inability to let Tony Romo go and major concern on Jerry Jones’ part that Tony Romo would end up playing for the Houston Texans in the state of Texas, take away attention from the Cowboys and potentially win a Super Bowl with the Texans before Jerry Jones can win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys,” CBS Sports senior NFL writer Will Brinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “That’s my theory. I just think Jerry looks at the landscape (and) would love Tony to go play in Denver. That doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. There aren’t any other suitors out there, and so he’s suddenly got a little bit of seller’s remorse at the idea of Tony playing for the Texans.”

In addition, Romo, who has played in just five games over the last two seasons, is apparently unsure if he wants to play for another franchise. For him, it could be Dallas or retirement.

“There could be a little bit of it on both sides,” Brinson said, referring to the emotional crossroads. “I just think Jerry doesn’t have a whole lot of options. He had to go with Dak. Dak is the guy. Realistically, you could try to talk Tony into coming back and say, ‘Look, we’ll make it an open competition.’ But you can’t have your locker room rebel against you as an owner or a GM or as a front office by declaring it an open competition when you said it’s Dak’s job all along. I think sometimes the downside of having a good problem – like two quarterbacks – is you still got a problem. You could look at it and say, ‘We got two quarterbacks. That’s great news.’ But you still have two quarterbacks. I can see this lasting for a while.”

If Romo does retire, he likely wouldn’t stay away from football for long, as many people believe he would be a natural in the broadcast booth.

“I think Tony Romo would be fantastic at whatever job he takes next,” Brinson said. “I think if he were on a network, he would be very good at it. He (can) explain football in an easy manner that is very listener- and viewer-friendly, and Romo is a household name. He’s sort of a Peyton Manning Light, if you will, in terms of a guy that a network would want to secure. So sure, it’s not surprising to me that he’s highly sought-after.”


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