Almost a week later, some Kansas fans are still trying to make sense of their team’s 74-60 loss to Oregon in the Elite Eight.

Former Jayhawk and NBA player Scot Pollard is not. He knows what happened that night.

“The madness,” Pollard said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “That’s exactly why they call it the madness. You get one game where you don’t play your best, and somebody else plays their best – I think the kid (Jordan) Bell for Oregon just dominated the flow of the game inside for them and slowed down Kansas. (He) made it hard for those smaller guys to get to the rim. He was just protecting the rim, but such a phenomenal game for him. That was enough. Up to that point, Kansas was playing well. Frank Mason did everything he could do in that final game. But the Ducks got a win and Kansas didn’t play their best game. That’s the beauty of this time of year. You don’t get a seven-game series to determine who the better team is. You get one game, and if you have a bad game, sorry, Charlie. You’re out of here.”

Bill Self fell to 2-7 in regional finals, leading some to question whether he is an elite coach.

Pollard is not one of those people.

“If anybody is piling on the anti-Bill Self bandwagon, I would like to remind them that he just won 13 conference titles in a row – in not the Sun Belt League, in not the Mountain West Athletic Conference League or whatever is out there,” he said. “That was in the Big 12, which is typically in the top two or three toughest-ranked conferences in the country every year. That, to me, and the parity of college basketball nowadays, it’s not comparable at all to UCLA’s record. It’s tougher. It’s not like Bill Self has the payroll that John Wooden had. There is an amazing difference in the level of parity in college basketball nowadays than there was in the 60s and 70s. So I think it’s even more ridiculous that Bill Self has been dominating this conference for 13 years. I think it’s more impressive than John Wooden’s feat in the ’60s and ’70s.

“Now, is he winning (as many) NCAA titles?” Pollard continued. “No, but it’s still amazing. It’s a ridiculous feat what he is doing at Kansas right now. Yes, of course, we’d love to see ring after ring after ring for NCAA champions as well, but when you’re proving yourself throughout the season year in and year out, I can’t understand how anybody could possibly say Bill Self’s track record is questionable. That, to me, is an absolute asinine statement, and they need to have their head examined if you don’t think that is absolute excellence year in and year out.”

In other news, Pollard addressed the 25-year-old Indonesian man who was eaten by a python.

“I was speechless,” Pollard said. “It’s not like the guy was like, ‘Well, let me get all of this uncomfortable clothing that’s not going to digest off of me first before you swallow me whole.’ He just swallowed him whole. It was like a scene out of a movie, like Jaws, where they’re cutting the shark open and the license plate falls out. Unreal.”

But if Pollard had to be killed by an animal, a python might be the way to go.

“I think I’d go with a python because they’re going to squeeze you to death first,” he said. “It’d be better than being chopped up slowly like a shark or drowning. Drowning would be the worst.”

But what about a wild cat? They would just go for your throat and end it quickly, right?

“I don’t think it’d be that quick,” Pollard said. “I think it’d be horribly painful until it’s quick. I think being crushed by a python would be less painful than being ripped apart by a bear or a wild cat.”


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