Tony Romo never won a Super Bowl – or played in one – but few can dispute that he was a good NFL quarterback. He was a four-time Pro Bowler and holds numerous Cowboys records, including franchise marks for passing yards (34,183) and passing touchdowns (248).

Romo achieved that through hard work, and his next gig – lead NFL analyst for CBS – will require just as much effort and dedication.

“I think (broadcasting is) harder than the good ones make it look,” 105.3 The Fan Cowboys insider Mike Fisher said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Sometimes networks do a disservice to the guy. Emmett Smith is a very bright guy and a good-looking guy and a brilliant businessman and now, in Dallas, a really accomplished person beyond football. But ESPN and ABC did him such a disservice years ago. They propped him up on Dancing with the Stars, they made him a celebrity beyond football, and they threw him a jacket and a microphone and said, ‘When that red light goes on, you’re on.’  From the outside, and a little bit from the inside, it appeared that’s all they did for Emmitt in terms of his training – and it did not go well. He came across as infamously ineloquent, which isn’t fair to Emmitt the person. I assume that now there’s a little bit of room timing-wise to get real training in this. Fans, I think, recognize this now. The guy in the locker room who gives that seven-second quote, that quick quip, (people think), ‘Oh, boy, he’d be great in the booth.’ This isn’t seven seconds of work. This is seven days of work if you do it right. I do think Tony Romo’s up to that part for sure.”

While Romo’s retirement was surprising, if not shocking, to many, Fisher saw this coming last season.

“We’ve reported here in Dallas since November that retirement and TV was a real possibility,” he said. “Didn’t know Phil Simms’ contractual situation at that time – and really not until yesterday did I start to understand what it was – but we made the connection to Jim Nantz. Maybe we overstated the golf thing a little bit with Tony Romo, although I think that’s coming. I think that’s going to be eventually part of what’s on his plate. But no, not at all surprised by the retirement. With the Texans or with Denver or whomever, there would have to have been a perfect fit for him to not only leave the Cowboys, but then leave his family behind again and to pass up the opportunity to (retire). Those perfect fits with the Texans and Broncos just never occurred.”

Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens if Romo receives a tempting phone call or offer from an NFL team. He said he absolutely does not envision playing football again, but he does expect to receive some phone calls, which he said is “the reality” of NFL life.

So, what if Dak Prescott struggles or gets injured in his sophomore season? Might Romo get a call from Jerry Jones?

Fisher says no.

“It’s a really romantic notion that something would go wrong with the Cowboys and Tony Romo would mount the white steed and come riding into the rescue,” Fisher said. “It’s completely preposterous. One, you can’t have the ghost of Tony Romo hanging over the shoulder of Dak Prescott and this team. That’s unhealthy, and Mr. Jones needs to realize that. It’s not fair to the next guy to have the last guy hang there.”

There would also be some physical logistics at play.

“Tony Romo already doesn’t exactly have a bodybuilder’s body,” Fisher said. “That’s going to be a golf body in a month, and in four months, it’s going to be a dad bod – and dad bods who are 37 don’t play in the NFL.”


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