Here we are in the conference finals, and neither the Cavs nor the Warriors have lost a playoff game yet. That’s a fairly strong indication that we, as fans, are going to get what we assumed we’d get at the beginning of the season: Cavs/Warriors Part III. The rubber match. LeBron and Kyrie versus Curry and KD.

Which team wins is anyone’s guess, but for Bill Reiter, it’s complicated.

“Man, it’s such a tough one,” the CBS Sports Radio host said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Look, I grew up in Chicago on Jordan, so I’m not one of these guys that wants LeBron to be better than Jordan. My childhood is based on watching Michael Jordan as a kid, and yet, I think if LeBron wins that series, he has a chance to be remembered that way.”



Indeed, James led the Cavs back from the brink in the Finals last June. Cleveland overcame a 3-1 series deficit to stun the 73-win Warriors and win the first NBA title in franchise history.

Imagine if James, who has defeated Kevin Durant and Steph Curry in separate Finals, beats both at the same time and leads the Cavs to another championship.

“Having talked to LeBron about how he wants to pass Jordan, I know the level – like we all do – of obsession that he’s going to bring to that,” Reiter said. “And so, I probably shouldn’t doubt what he can do and what this team is doing and the last two Finals performances.”

But he is. Ultimately, Reiter believes the Warriors will beat the Cavs and win their second title in three seasons.

“I do think the Mike Brown thing, the Steve Kerr thing, is significant,” he said. “But man, it’s just so unfair how good the Warriors are. We saw that (in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals). Durant was on floor for that fourth quarter for a large stretch and Curry is just watching during that comeback in Game 1.”

If you can overcome a 23-point second-half deficit with a two-time league MVP on the bench – against the Spurs, no less – you are officially the envy of every team in basketball.

“They are loaded to a point that just isn’t fair,” Reiter said. “So I’m going to go Warriors, but having been to the last two Finals and seeing all of that stuff and witnessing it with my own eyes, nothing would surprise me. But I’m going to go Warriors – probably in seven.”


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