Many basketball analysts believe that Lavar Ball is doing his son a disservice with all of his outlandish statements and negative media attention. They think that LaVar is putting a lot of undue pressure on Lonzo and making him a marked man.

Former NBA player World B. Free, however, believes it’s just the opposite.

“Well, from what I hear, everybody says Lonzo is a great kid,” the 63-year-old Free said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “They say he’s a nice guy and everything. His dad, he’s just on another level.”



But Free thinks there could be a method to the madness.

“Muhammad Ali had Angelo Dundee and Bundini (Brown),” Free said. “These people was guys who took some of the light from Muhammad Ali because of the fact that they didn’t want all the pressure to be on him. I believe Lo’s father is doing the same kind of thing. He don’t want all the pressure to be on his son.”

Lonzo, who led UCLA to a Sweet 16, is expected to be a top pick in the NBA Draft in June.


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