Ryan Belz, who won $31,500 playing Plinko on The Price is Right, dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss his success on the show. Belz, 23, hit $10,000 – the highest possible amount – with three of his five Plinko chips, including his first and last, to become Plinko king.

What was his secret?

“Guys, I can’t give away my secret – somebody might break my record now,” Belz said on Gio and Jones, laughing. “The Price is Right rule is I can go back and sit in on as many shows as I want, but I can’t appear on the show for up to 10 years. So mark my words: You know where I’ll be in 10 years.”



Belz, a Penn State graduate, plans on using his winnings to help pay off his college loans. He became a fan of the show in his youth, often watching with his grandparents or when he was home sick from school. He even scheduled his college course-load around the airing of the show.

“If that’s not a true fan,” Belz said, “I don’t know what is.”


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