You don’t need to be an expert to know that Ezekiel Elliott is a valuable fantasy-football commodity, but you also don’t need to be an expert to know that his six-game suspension drastically decreases that value.

Well, sort of.

Once a consensus top-three pick, Elliott could go just about anywhere in a fantasy draft.

“I’m aggressive in drafting Ezekiel Elliott because I think that (his suspension) will be reduced,” CBS Sports fantasy football analyst Jamey Eisenberg said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “But regardless of that, if it is six games, I think you’re looking at him at the back end of the second round, beginning of the third round. The thing about it is it’s two-fold. One, it is manageable because there are certainly other running backs you could take, and I’ve tried to give numerous examples of that.”



In one draft, Eisenberg selected Elliott, Lamar Miller, Marshawn Lynch and, in the seventh round, Darren McFadden.

“So I have three guys essentially that I could use as my two running backs and the flex, and then once I get Ezekiel Elliott back, I drop that first-round talent into my lineup and I hopefully am good to go for the rest of the way,” Eisenberg said. “But you have to understand you may be 3-4, maybe 2-5 if it doesn’t go well. He’s not back until Week 8, so you have to understand the risk going in. But if you draft smart and you play the waiver-wire smart, you can get by and then you have what should be a playoff-caliber roster to get you there and then hopefully win a championship.”

As of now, Elliott will be out until Oct. 29, when the Cowboys play the Redskins on the road.

“It’s a risk,” Eisenberg said. “Obviously what got him suspended is nothing to make light of, but if he does have the suspension reduced, from a fantasy perspective that certainly will help his cause if you do get him for 12 games if it’s knocked down to four.”


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