Colin Kaepernick may no longer be an NFL quarterback, but he’s still having quite an influence on the league, as demonstrated by protests that defined Week 3 of the NFL season. While many people have praised Kaepernick for bringing attention to his cause and starting a dialogue about racial injustice, many others have criticized him for disrespecting the flag. They’ve also criticized him for wearing police-pig socks and a Fidel Castro T-shirt.

Does Kaepernick deserve criticism for those clothing decisions?

“Kap (deserves) criticism, but he (also) demonstrated to me the highest form of growth and maturation,” American Sociologist and Civil Rights Activist Dr. Harry Edwards said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “When we discussed the socks, when we discussed the T-shirt, he said, ‘Yeah, that was not a good idea because it didn’t advance the conversation; it detracted from what I was trying to get over.’ . . . The pig socks were some cartoonish projection of that, which made it even worse. You didn’t know whether he was taking about police officers of porky pigs. So at the end of the day, he himself admitted this was not a good idea.”



Edwards, 74, gave Kaepernick some historical context about the socks, and in the end, it was a much-needed and highly beneficial conversation.

“I went back to the 1960s, when police were routinely referred to as pigs and talked to him about how big of a mistake that was because it did not advance the conversation, it did not advance the movement, it did not advance justice; it was simply a way of venting and insulting,” Edwards explained. “And he agreed with that. So there’s not a lot of weight that should be put on that. He’s a young man. He made a mistake and was big enough to admit it – and you haven’t seen the socks or the T-shirt since.”


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