One play after having a touchdown reception called back for offensive holding, Davante Adams found himself lying motionless on Lambeau Field on Thursday night. That’s because Chicago linebacker Danny Trevathan unloaded on the Green Bay receiver who was in the process of being tackled well short of the goal line.

Many fans and analysts around the country feel that Trevathan’s hit was dirty and unnecessary. London Fletcher, however, thought the exact opposite.

“Nothing to see here,” the CBS Sports NFL analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “You know how it is: We’re out there playing football. He’s going to make a play. It’s unfortunate the guy got hit in the head and the mouthguard flew off, but hey, nothing (to see here).”



Adams, who was carted off the field, had movement in his extremities but was taken to a hospital for examination. Many people are calling for the NFL to suspend Trevathan.

Fletcher finds that preposterous.

“He had intent to hit the dude, but I don’t think he had intent to hit him in the head,” Fletcher said. “I think it’s overreaction. With Thursday Night Football, there’s a lot of people watching. (People are saying), ‘Oh, he should be suspended!’ Man, shut up. That was football.

“If Adams had been further down and he was maybe almost on the ground and he literally came in there like missile and hit him with his head, led with his head, (it would have been dirty),” Flecther continued. “But he is not down. He is not down. He is not down. He didn’t have intention to (deliver) a dirty hit. He didn’t have intent to him in the head, either. I thought he was going to hit him in the shoulder-back area.”

He didn’t.

Green Bay (3-1), which won 35-14, will play the Cowboys (2-1) in Dallas on Oct. 8. The Bears (1-3), meanwhile, host the Vikings (2-1) on Monday Night Football on Oct. 9.


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