Former Rockies general manager and current MLB Network analyst Dan O’Dowd dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss the World Series, but first, he had to assess the performance of CBS Sports Radio’s own Andrew Bogusch, who did a segment with O’Dowd on MLB Network last week.

“He carried the entire show,” O’Dowd joked on Gio and Jones.



O’Dowd does the show with Carlos Pena and Paul Severino. When O’Dowd discovered Bogusch would be joining them, his reaction was what you might expect.

“Who the hell is Bogusch?” O’Dowd said, prompting laughter from Gregg Giannotti, Brian Jones, and, yes, Bogusch himself.

In all seriousness, O’Dowd was pleased with Bogusch’s performance.

“He showed up well for you guys,” O’Dowd said. “He carried the torch extremely well. He will get invited back. He didn’t use any foul language, wasn’t derogatory in any way. So he’s got a good chance of getting invited back again at some point – at least within the next five years.”

The five-year part was a joke, but not all guests get invited back.

“We had one guest on, unfortunately, the day that Darren Dalton passed away (who) started to get into extreme details about Darren Daulton’s ex-wives on the show,” O’Dowd said. “If you could have seen the look on Brian Kenny’s face, it was priceless. Now that’s an individual that probably will not get invited back.”

O’Dowd did not give the name of the guest but encouraged listeners to look up the clip.

“You will get a little chuckle out of that entire situation,” O’Dowd said. “I’m not sure the people who run the network found that as funny as I did.”


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