When James Michael Angelo boarded a New York City subway Monday, he did not expect LeBron James to sit next to him.

But that’s exactly what happened. James and his Cavalier teammates took the train back to their hotel after a morning shoot-around.

That’s when James started filming the occasion on his phone, which Angelo didn’t like.

“Living in a city like New York, it is unlike any place else, and the New York City subway is inundated with millions of people every day,” Angelo began on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “We all have to co-exist, everyone’s really busy, it’s an intense city, and so there are rules. There are unspoken rules that we all have with each other, and even when tourists come, we kind of herd them into those rules in a very nice way – and when someone gets out of line, we have to let them know.”



So Angelo let James know. When LeBron shoved his phone in Angelo’s face, Angelo pushed James’ hand away and said, “Can you not?”

“I wasn’t really angry,” Angelo said. “I was annoyed. And I don’t like a manspread messing up my morning.”

Man-spreading is bad enough, but a LeBron James manspread? That would take up an entire row.

“He sat down and squished me (and) almost hit me in the head three times with his elbow,” Angelo said. “He actually did kind of (knock) or (touch) my forehead, but again, it was one of those moments on the subway where you’re like, ‘Hey, you’re about to hit my head,’ and I put my hand up. And his body guard in front of me – who, by the way, is half his size and looks like a water boy – was like, ‘Hey, watch him!’ And I was like, ‘Really, dude? He’s about to elbow me in the head.’”

Brian Jones believes being filmed would annoy any person using public transit – not just New Yorkers.

“In this digital iPhone age, I’m not sure,” Angelo said. “I think some people don’t mind it, and I think other people do. I’m one of those people that do. I’m in entertainment and I get on camera a lot. So I kind of want my sacred space, and I feel like the New York City subway – or public transportation – should be off-limits to that.”


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